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  • I have Twin, 2 year olds. They were “sleep trained” slept through the night (8:30PM - 8:30AM). Recently, for the past 2 months, they’ve been taking longer to fall asleep, wake up 1-2x throughout the night And now wake up at 6:30AM instead. Could this be sleep regression?. I’m worried daylight savings will throw off their sleep even more.

  • My daughter normally goes to bed between 8-9pm. We get ready for bed around 7:15pm. With day light savings time this weekend, what do you recommended as far as when to start or how to start getting ready for her bedtime to keep on schedule.

  • Jayce
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    I’m also wondering if this will affect a 2 month old. His night time stretch is 8 hours and I usually pick him up at 5 am. Would adding a dream feed help?

  • Hi 😊

    my little guy just turned 7 months and is now on a great schedule. He sleeps 7pm to 7am and naps twice a day (9am-11am and 1pm-3pm). Our routine is pretty solid! But will the time change jinx it?

    How do we go about this?

  • jess0498
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    i know this time change is the easier of the two. My 6mo currently goes to bed at 545pm and wakes around 545/6. If you have an earlier riser do you just keep your schedule and the time change works in your favor?

  • Nadelz09
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    Hello Dr Barnett! How will I know when my one year old should transition to one nap… right now his morning nap is 1.5 hours and in the afternoon he only sleeps 40 minutes or sometimes skips. How should I transition?

  • We need help. Our daughter is 9 months old and has been regressing in her sleep habits. She now struggles with being laid down awake. In the past she never struggled with this and now it’s a 30 min fight to get her to sleep. And she’s teething. I don’t think that’s bothering her too much but I’m not sure. Bedtime is 7:30 and she normally wakes up once or twice throughout the night. Mostly because she looses her paci but as soon as she’s gets it she’s back to sleep. She also has had a few nights where she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to play. She wakes up around 4 and will go back to sleep until 6:30. She is up promptly at 6:30. What are we doing wrong? And how can we get her to have a better night’s sleep.

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    Should I keep my almost 4 month Olds sleep time the same or move it? He sleeps about 12 hours and I wake him up at 730am to feed him before work. I don't necessarily want him to be up sooner.

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    Id like my 15 month old to go back to waking at 630/7am but he’s currently waking at 530-6am. he sleeps through the night no wake ups. he’s sleep trained and even if he wakes he puts himself back to sleep with no issues. he sleeps with no props. and puts himself to sleep for all sleeps with no tears. daycare starts putting the kids down at 12pm & he’s asleep closer to 12:30 and will nap until 2:30pm the latest. i follow the same schedule at home on the weekends regardless of what time he wakes up in the morning. bedtime is between 730-8pm depending on what time he wakes up from nap. with the daylight savings he’ll wake up at the new 630am (530 old time). do i just continue with offering nap at the new 1230pm? and bedtime at the new 730/8pm?

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    My daughter turns 2 years old this week. She normally goes to sleep around 8:30pm, but over the last few weeks bedtime has drifted later and later. She fell asleep at 10pm a few nights in a row! Her bedtime routine has not changed - dinner, bath, pajamas, story, prayers and then lights out + white noise machine.

    Do you have any tips for how we can cope with Daylight Saving Time? These late night bedtimes are messing with my sleep schedule now, too!

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