Weird Sounds coming from monitor…

Has anyone experienced weird sounds coming from their Nanit Pro monitor? We purchased it about a month ago and it’s positioned in my daughters nursery. Tonight she woke up crying and after about an hour of feeding and rocking her back to sleep, I put her back in her crib, turned on her hatch speaker and left the room. I watched her get settled and drift off back to sleep when I heard the sounds on the camera. I turned off the hatch speaker and still heard the sounds very clearly. It sounded like static and every 15-30 seconds I heard a deep breath or snore sound! 😳To make sure I wasn’t hearing things I went in her room and stood beside her crib. I heard it again on my phone. I then grabbed her and took her back to our room to sleep and listened on the monitor. Now, at this point, the room is empty with no sounds at all and I continued to hear the sound! I’m freaking out here! Any thoughts?


  • We didn’t hear the exact same noises as you described, but we had some odd sounds play from time to time and it would wake our daughter up.

    For us it was the red alert and breathing motion sound settings on the camera itself, not the phone. You can change a lot of these various noises/alerts in the app.

    Hopefully that’s what it is for you. Let us all know!

  • jespr
    jespr Member

    The app will get static-ey at night and I'll have to force stop the app then reopen. It's annoying.

  • Mgtorre
    Mgtorre Member

    I had weird clicking sounds come from Nanit a couple weeks ago and now it’s no longer working