Postpartum and a Growing Family

We always wanted 2 kids and now that our first is 7 months we want to not prevent pregnancy anymore. My biggest concern is that I developed postpartum depression and anxiety with our baby. What can we do in preparation for a potential second child?


  • drtracyd
    drtracyd Member, Expert

    @BKCR This is a great question, and it also shows that you have awareness of the potential struggle you might have after having another baby. Talk about the things that you didn't do or things that you did that were not helpful the first time that perhaps contributed to your symptoms. Maintain a regular routine for you and your mental health (e.g., regular movement and getting outside; connecting with social support; self-care and time for you). Make a plan for what you need when second baby joins the family. Reach out for help from a licensed mental healthcare professional now to start working through these things in preparation for your second child.