Can you spouse have Post-Pardom?

My husband has decided to be a stay at home father. But, ever since we’ve had our son, My husband has been different. He sometimes says disturbing things like as if he has post-pardom and it seems as if he has all the signs. We have talked about him seeking professional help but he has yet to do so.

Is there something more that I can do?


  • drtracyd
    drtracyd Member, Expert

    @FlyNHaYN Yes, your partner can experience postpartum mood and anxiety difficulties. Unfortunately this is a very under researched area and one that we need to talk more about. I'm glad you asked this question. It sounds like your partner is struggling and continuing to dialogue about the struggle and him seeking help is important. Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest. Ask your partner how you can help them make that first step. Perhaps you can attend an appointment with him with your primary care provider. It's also important for partner's to continue to engage in self-care and things that bring them joy and pleasure, even if they don't feel like it. Encouraging your partner to get out for a walk, exercise, or connect with social support could also be helpful.