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My daughter is 3 months old and sleeps great up until around 3am where I have to start going in her room every 30 minutes sometimes until we get her up for the day at 6am to put her pacifier back in. She does great falling asleep drowsy but awake when I put her down for the night but in the early morning hours she can’t seem to put her self back to sleep and we are having to put the pacifier in and then she will eventually spit it out and then cry. This happens multiple times after 3am like I mentioned. We are dream feeding her at 10pm and again at 2am to see if this would help but it hasn’t made a difference.


  • Ugh! We are in the same boat. Baby is swaddled right now so we are hoping if we give unswaddling a try he will use his hands to soothe….but maybe that’s a dream! Lol

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    Same here! My daughter is 3 months and this is a major reason we haven’t moved her to her own crib/room yet. We try “Sitback” from TCB and nothing working until we pop the paci back in. :( I guess we will have to suffer through until she is old enough to put it back in herself??? Just know you’re not alone!

  • I’m so glad I just read this, I’m having the same issue. Roughly around 2-3am I find that she starts to make noise and the only way to quiet her before she full blown tantrums is to stick the binky in her mouth. But that requires me to run up and down the stairs multiple times and it’s exhausting. Anyone figure out what to do yet? Lol