Postpartum Anxiety

I have a 3 mo old and I'm struggling with anxiety. I am starting back at work and nervous about him going to daycare. Right now we have family that are alternating watching him but they can't do it for long. I'm extremely anxious about him going to daycare for many reasons. One is that I can't bear to be apart from him. Another is that I can't be there to protect him. Another is that I'm terrified about him getting Covid. We can not afford a nanny or for one of us to quit. I am constantly bouncing between these thoughts which increases my anxiety. I would love advice or strategies on how to decrease my anxiety as well as daycare suggestions and reassurance.


  • dralicepsyd
    dralicepsyd Member, Expert

    @Khoerig All of the feelings that are coming up for you are common for many mothers. It makes sense that you want to be with your baby and it is hard for you to be away from him, this is instinctual and natural, and so is your desire to protect him. Leaving to go to work this early on in their little life is HARD. I've been there. I think it is important to find a daycare that you feel comfortable with - consider what your non-negotiables are and what you're willing to be a bit flexible about when it comes to a daycare center. Sometimes, in-home daycares can be a great option if you have any available around you (they tend to be much smaller when it comes to the number of kiddos). I also find that affirmations can be helpful also as you're navigating the emotional rollercoaster that is daycare. I like the following affirmations: 1. Everything I do serves a purpose for my family. 2. My love for my baby doesn't change when I'm away 3. I'm a positive role model for my child(ren) 4. I'm the best mom for my baby. 5. My baby and I share a close bond, I am not being replaced.