Help with postpartum

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I’m a first time mom to an amazing little man (10 month + 1 week) but I’ve been struggling with postpartum anxiety and sometimes rage/anger out of exhaustion. Constantly feeling like I’m falling behind, taking one step forward and falling 3 steps behind with the never ending laundry list of to do’s! Recently My biggest anxiety is my baby’s food/milk intake, everywhere I’ve looked it says 24-32oz in a 24 hour period, my son gets 18-20 sometimes barely skimming 24oz! He’s getting purées throughout the day, typically 30-60 mins after his bottles, But recently he’s been fighting eating anything! It’s so defeating hes healthy with no known issues! Is this normal?


  • dralicepsyd
    dralicepsyd Member, Expert

    @Bwil How much baby's eat/consume is a big stressor for many moms, you're not alone in this! Baby's go through soooo many different developmental phases. My general rule of thumb when it comes to certain stages/phases is that if it continues to last longer than a month, get that extra support. I want to encourage you not to fixate so much on the ounces, but instead tuning in to your baby. If your baby is growing well, is happy and healthy, no need to obsess over those 4-6 oz.