Nanit Show skill on Alexa, constantly buffering for anyone else?

We have an Echo 8 mounted under a cabinet in our kitchen. We use it for various things and enabled the Nanit Show skill ( to give us another device to watch the kiddo while doing things in the kitchen without grabbing one of the iPads we usually use.

Does the Alexa Skill get any love? It doesn't show any breathing data and is a basic video feed with no other features. Some of that may be platform limitations, but it remains a bit underwhelming even though it allows "Works with Alexa" to be stamped on the packaging.

We find it constantly disconnects and goes to "Buffering.." and rarely recovers once it does unless we send Alexa to the home screen and launch it again. The Echo Show itself has great Wi-Fi connectivity and other video streaming skills (e.g. Ring) work without issue.

I'm curious about others' experiences with it.