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  • My almost 5 month old is still waking up 2-3 times a night and I haven’t had any luck getting him to fall back asleep without needing to nurse him. What are some helpful tips I could try? Is it to early to have him cry it out? If I let him cry to long he really wails…

  • I’m right there with you with a 16 month old. I nurse him back to sleep 2-4 times a night. This is more normal (but not easy) than you think ❤️

  • Hi! My son is almost 4 months. He was born two months early, and, while in the NICU, didn’t start bottle feeding until about a month and a half. We haven’t had any issues getting him to eat since he’s been home up until a week ago. He’s eating, just not as much as his doctor said he should to keep gaining weight. He’s been consistently 100-150 mLs short of the 690 mLs per day we were told he should eat. He seems to eat in a pattern. For example, 120mLs, 60mLs, 110mLs, 45mLs and so on throughout the day. Sometimes he seems to spit up a lot as well. Is it possible that his tummy just isn’t big enough to fit all that formula yet and he will work his way up to the higher amounts? Or should I be concerned that there’s a problem?


  • Our daughter will be 14 mos next week. I’d like her to sleep independently so I can have additional working hours, but I’m concerned about my milk supply tanking and I’d like to nurse her until or beyond a safe and effective COVID vaccine is available for toddlers. She started childcare in late August but otherwise has largely just been with us. We are not a Ferber family. Our daughter is a climber so the crib in her own room feels very scary. We welcome your guidance!

    Some context: As a result of postpartum complications, my daughter and I ended up co-sleeping. She is able to sleep for up to 90 minutes at daycare without being held, but she either nurses to sleep for both naps and nighttime at home, or is nursed then held to sleep by dad for naps. She wakes about every 1.5-3 hours to nurse each night that I can recall. When she was younger, I strongly believed her night feeds were most responsible for her weight gain as she retained most of those feeds vs. spitting up. She had an undetected egg allergy for first 4-5 mos of life and suspected soy/dairy intolerances. We’ve had that largely under control for the last 10 or so months.

    Can you offer guidance for a gradual but effective sleep transition? Thank You!

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    Hi! I wanted to get some advice. My son is turning 5 months and I’ve been trying to transition him out of being swaddled with both arms in since he is able to roll on side. He naps well up to 2-3 hours sometimes but ever since being swaddled with just one arm out, he only does 30 min stretches. Today I tested it and reswaddled him with both hands again and he napped for 2 hours. 

    My question is, can I keep swaddling him for naps if it helps him sleep longer? We always watch him on monitor so will see if he rolls but he usually is pretty still. Does swaddling too long hinders his movement and development?

    For his night time sleep, he has been sleeping okay with one arm out so I think we are just struggling w day naps now. 

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    My 2 week old will only fall asleep while nursing. Even after I give her a bottle of formula (1-1.5oz) after a full 30 mins of breastfeeding, she still wants to go back to breastfeeding and nurse herself to sleep. Are there any other ways I can get her in a routine for bed time? We have her sleeping in her bassinet. She usually sleeps 2 to 3 hrs at a time over night.

  • My baby is 8 months old. How many ounces total should she be drinking? I’m trying to wean her off the dream feed, and hoping she doesn’t need it anymore?

  • My baby is almost 8 weeks and I’ve started a dream feed to help her sleep longer stretches. We are only 2 nights in and she’s sleeping 5-6 hours. But after the dream feed, it seems she’s restless until I pick her up, usually about 2 hours. Any tips on getting her to sleep solidly again after the dream feed?

    What is an ideal daytime feeding schedule for an 8 week old? And ideal nighttime routine?

    Thank you!

  • Hi doc and Nanit fam, I’m a mother of 7mo old twins and have a question about them sleeping thru the night. At 20lbs each, they each eat about 30-35oz (formula)/day. They go to bed at 7:15pm, but they usually wake up around 4am sometimes fussing and other times just rolling around in bed. This has been going on for the past 4mo. We tried different bed times from to 6:15 to 7:20. Pls help! 🙏

  • Hello!

    My daughter is 7m and will only do contact naps. If she falls asleep on my husband or I and we try to move her to her crib she will wake up and cry. So strange because she will sleep in her crib at night no problem. I would love some advice on how to get her to take naps independently. Thank you!

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