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  • We are having a hard time introducing anything other than soft foods. We put fruit in blender , yogurt , applesauce , mashed potatoes. Only thing hard it's a small piece of the puffs . He gags often.

  • Hi, my son is 13 months and I’m in the process of weaning from exclusively breastfeeding and introducing cows milk. Is there any research or data on how much breastmilk a baby needs to consume to maintain antibodies from my COVID vaccine?

  • Hi! My two months old fusses a lot during feeding. He will take a few drinks then fuss, then drink again. This cycle repeats until the bottle is done. What do you think is going on?!

  • Hello! My almost 5 month old has been in a regression since she turned 4 months. She wakes up 2-3 times a night and will only go back to sleep if I nurse her. Is the cry it out method the only way to get her to stop this. I thought when we started solids it would help but not much luck. Thank you!

  • Hello- my daughter just turned 1, and still not eating any solids. She wouldn’t even smash a cake at her party or eat any of the icing when we tried feeding it to her! She has been drooling a lot and showing signs of teething for a few months now, but no teeth have come through yet. She actually started really chewing on her toys today, we think she may start getting teeth soon.

    She is a GREAT sleeper and thankfully nothing has effected that much for her. She just started drinking Whole Milk today as well, and because she isn’t eating solids we want to still give her 1-2 bottles of formula for at least a week before stopping completely. We want to make sure she is getting all the proper nutrients.

    Should we be worried that she refuses solids? She eats her baby food, but just will not put solids in her mouth. Please let me know what you think, thank you!!

  • I have started a nighttime sleep routine and so far it seems to be going well. I am struggling to get my 5 month old to nap during the day without using contact naps. I have tried using the fuss it out method (what I’m using for my night time routine), but he just gives me the death cry during the day.

    looking. For tips on how to successfully initiate a daytime nap routine so I can start to get a semblance of my life back…. Which may or may not include a nap of my own 😉

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    My 8 month old son eats 27-29 oz of formula a day and about two jars of baby food. He takes 3 scheduled naps a day totaling 3 hours. His last nap is 4:45p-5:15 and it takes about 15 mins of tossing and turning for him to fall asleep but he also always shows signs of tiredness for that nap. His bedtime routine starts at 7p and he is placed tired but awake in bed around 8p. His wake up time is suppose to be 7am but he wakes up around 545a-6a every morning. According to his nanit his average hours of sleep overnight is around 9hrs 30mins - 10 hours 20 mins. What can I do to make him sleep until 7am?

  • My 7 month old recently started solids (at 6 months) and we are working our way through fruits, vegetables and the high allergen foods. He typically has oatmeal at lunch and the oatmeal and whatever fruit/vegetable we’re trialing at dinner. Throughout the day he also takes 25-30 oz of formula. However, he will only take 5 oz bottles every 2-3 hours. Very occasionally he will take 6 oz at the first feeding in the morning. Is this atypical? I’m seeing that most babies his age take 7-8 oz at a time and in fewer feedings. Do some kids just continue with smaller more frequent feeds as they get older? Thanks!

  • My 14 month old was sick last week and lost weight. Although he is a lot better, he is still continuing to eat and drink far less than a baby his age should and refusing even his usual favorite foods. He will only take a few sips from a sippy cup, and even when I give him milk in a bottle (which he prefers) he’s still not drinking nearly enough. Any tips for how to get him to eat and drink what he needs and re-gain the weight he’s lost? He’s already only in the 8th percentile for weight so he can’t really afford to lose any.

  • My almost 8 month old has been a bit unpredictable with her wake time lately (used to be 7am and has started sleeping 30 mins or so later because she ends up awake between 5-6am and plays around her crib). Paired with her naps finally taking shape and being longer than 30 mins, I’m only fitting in 4 milk feeds where we used to have at least 5 per day. She is also now getting solids 2x day. I’m a BF mom so don’t have much visibility to the amount of milk she is getting so I’ve been trying to do one 4.5-5 oz bottle of pumped BM per day to be sure of at least one milk feed. I don’t allow her naps to go past 2 hours if they happen to get to that point and on average she is up from 7/730am - 730/8pm.

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