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  • Hello, I have tried everything to get my son to sleep in his crib without being held or needing bottle. I tried Ferber method, cry it out method, and in between. I even had to put a big play pen in his room with the mattress on the floor so I can lay with him to sleep. If he does go to sleep he usually wake ups in an hour not being able to go back to sleep. I don’t know what to do. He can’t even fall asleep without me . This started about two months ago .

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    i have an 20 month year old. She goes down at night drowsy but very easily

    im having a very hard time getting her to sleep for naps. It seems like she hates her crib in the daytime if I even stick her in it she starts crying right away.

    ive been doing a similar routine like bedtime. I'll let her cry up to an hour and she won't lay down. I started to go in every 15 mins and that didn't seem to help. Any tips?

    it's driving me crazy not getting a moment to myself!

  • Hi! My 10 month old twins are really fighting their naps (especially their second one). They usually wake up ~630am, 1st nap at 930 and second nap around 230p. Bedtime is 7am. They are sleep trained for night and usually sleep through the night after 30 sec of crying

  • Feeding: My 2 year old is what I think extreme picky eater. Although he never gags or throws up, he just plain refuses to eat new foods and has dropped meats and veggies all together soon after he turned 18 months. We keep offering and nothing changes. He’s on a “beige foods” phase and it’s mostly dairy, carbs and lots of raspberries. He’ll drink smoothies as well. Should we be talking to a feeding specialist? We have evaluated him a couple months ago and I feel they are more focused on his speech rather than feeding. Thank you!

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    At 10 months do we follow wake windows or just have a set schedule for baby?

  • My 14months old doesn’t want the milk bottle he used to take before bed and every morning after wake up. I tried to give him the milk with a glass but he doesn’t know how to drink it. Any other recommendations?

  • Hi,

    My 6 month old daughter naps and sleeps in a dark room, but she still has a pacifier and when it’s dark she can’t find it when it falls out. When it’s light and she’s already awake she puts it back in her mouth herself, but when she wakes up in the middle of a nap or the night she cries til I give it to her . Do you think I should turn the Nanit night light on so she can see it when she wakes up, or will the light be more disruptive? Next question… what’s the best way to wean off the pacifier..? Thanks!

  • My almost 13 month old refuses to drink milk regardless if it’s cold or warm. He won’t drink it in an open cup or his beloved bottles and I’ve tried it with meals and without. He takes one sip and refuses from there. How else can I transition him to milk?

  • My 10 month old is going through a major sleep regression. It is really hard to get him to go down. We never had to sleep train before but now it’s a struggle to put him in the crib without him crying for a while. Going in periodically doesn’t seem to help, and we often just end up trying to bottle feed to put him down. Help!!!

  • Hello! I have a 4 month old and we are struggling with early wakings. He is eating 32 oz during the day (including a dream feed around 10pm). I end up feeding him and that’s the only thing that will get him back to sleep. I also watch wake windows and he goes to bed around 7pm. I have a sound machine on in his room and jr is pitch black. Appreciate any thoughts!

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