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Hi! I have a 6 week old baby and he always sleeps with the right side of his head against the mattress, he’s done this since he was born but I’m wondering if long term it can be bad for him spending so much time with his head to one side?

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    @Sammy_Rocc0 Many babies have a preference to have their head towards one side. Sometimes this is merely leftover from their position in the womb, but you are absolutely right to be paying attention to this. If not addressed, it can lead to asymmetry in head shape, as well as muscle tightness and shortening causing a head tilt and torticollis. Often, the sooner this is addressed, the better, and a pediatric physical therapist should be able to offer some helpful guidance. Good topic to talk to your pediatrician about at your upcoming 2mo check!


  • Same issue here. Our family doctor said it wasn't much of a concern because it'd work itself out (most likely) over time. Baby skulls are soft and in multiple pieces, and they can change shape over months. Our doctor just encouraged us to try and get his attention to the other side with visuals and sounds. If there's tightness in the neck muscles in one side, can also do gentle massage there regularly to encourage loosening the tightness. If it winds up being a persistent problem despite that, they prescribe special helmets/head gear for babies to fix their melons!

  • Hi, I recommend checking out the Baby Begin Instagram account. Don’t wait til your 2 month appointment. If you notice baby always has head turned to one side, there is a good chance they have torticollis. The sooner your advocate and get to PT the better. Flat spots are always easier to correct through positioning the sooner you start addressing too.