How should I sleep train my 2 months old?

He doesn’t fuss much during most nights and sleeping at night isn’t a problem with him for a 3-4 hour stretch but somehow during the day, he wouldn’t sleep more than 20-30 mins at a time and would wake up often which is very exhausting for us. How should we get him to self soothe himself to sleep ? He’s also stopped taking a pacifier from the last 2 weeks, before that he would sometimes take it. Now he hates it!!


  • @Geetika10 We do not recommend sleep training a child who is this young. Typically, most 2 month olds are not capable of self-soothing, although I am a big advocate of the "pause" as a brief moment to allow them the opportunity to try. At 2 months, working on creating an optimal sleep environment is a good first step, but otherwise I would try to focus on full feeds, and getting support and help so you are able to get a break. This forum is not really ideal to detail my other suggestions but I have some more information on my social media page.