Severe reflux management

What is the best way to manage severe silent reflux? My 7 week old has been put on pepcid (2x a day) but it doesn’t seem to be helping, in fact almost making things worse. He’s already on simalic alitentum and we practice sitting up right during feedings, more frequent smaller feedings, burping every 1-2 ounces, and sitting up right after feedings for 20-30 mins and nothing seems to help. Thank you in advance!


  • @kellyo2263 As a mama of 3 babies with silent reflux, I understand - this can be such a bear!!! I'm so sorry! It sounds like you're doing all the right things, and if things are not improving, you may need to reach out to a pediatric GI doctor. One thing that is a little out of the box: talk to your pediatrician and make sure you've had a good evaluation for a tongue/lip tie. I have seen that present with ongoing, persistent reflux.