Green poop!


my 5 month old son has been pooping green for a week and has suddenly been up 10+ times a night. He is also pooping 2-3 times through the night and I can tell his stomach is bothering him because hr wiggles uncomfortably when I’m feeding him. He’s exclusively breastfed and is still peeing normally and doesn’t appear dehydrated.


  • Hi there @Hannpmc, I would recommend discussing with your pediatrician.

  • My son had this around the same age and it turned out to be a dairy intolerance. Have you made any changes to babies diet or milk? Or if breastfeeding any changes to your diet? My son was able to have dairy again after using the milk ladder and help of a paediatric nutritionist.

  • He is breastfed and I hadn’t changed my diet. His doctor suggested I cut dairy out, which I have for a week or so now. His green poop has mostly stopped, but one or two a day are a bit green. When you say the green ladder do you mean you added those foods back into your diet per the ladder or fed to your baby?