When did you transition from in-room to nursery?



  • Our baby refused to sleep in our bedside sleeper. So he was in his crib by 3wks old. Has done great! I was anxious at first and watched my Nanit monitor like a hawk for the first few nights. He was getting on average 5-7 hrs by week 6 and now gets an average of 10+ hours. He is such a happy baby in the mornings when he wakes up.

  • We just moved our LO at 3 months. She was already sleeping through the night and only waking up because one of us would wake up and make noise so for her sake we moved her to her own room and it’s been great! She sleeps 10-11 hours a night and we don’t have to tip toe around in the evening or morning anymore 😊 but just remember mama, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with! Nanit definitely makes it easier, idk how our parents did it back in the day with no advanced cameras or sound machines but props to them cause I literally depend on these gadgets!

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  • We moved our baby to her nursery full time at 3 months. Having the Nanit running in the background all night helped our nerves tremendously, though we opted not to use the breathing band. We started with naps in her crib much earlier than that to get her used to her nursery. She is now 13 months and loves her crib and her nursery. It's also a life changer for your own sleep when you make the transition.

  • I’m in the same boat. 7 mo old sleeps in her crib in our room. I’m not even sure how to do the nanit all night? Is the phone app open with the phone plugged in all night?I’m scared I won’t hear when my LO cries or if the temp changes drastically. I’m in nyc and sometimes heat just stops working or goes on full blast etc it’s a nice bldg and there are still issues . Is there a setting for temp changes on the nanit?

  • Hi @Lolzmom you have a few options and hopefully some of our other Nanit parents will share their nighttime set up, too!

    You can keep your live screen up on your phone so you are able to easily check in on baby throughout the night. Some parents will use an ipad that they keep plugged in to display the live screen.

    You will get motion and sound notifications from Nanit - so you will be alerted if baby is up or moving around. Here is a support article with a bit more info on these notifications and how to manage them: https://support.nanit.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004915528-Can-I-still-hear-my-baby-without-having-the-app-open-screen-locked-on-my-phone-

    There is not a setting to alert you of temp changes - but that is great product feedback I would be happy to pass along!

    @Brian @seanmom21 tagging you in case you have some insight into what your nighttime nanit set up looks like!

  • Brian
    Brian Member

    We use an iPad mini in night mode plugged into a charger on one side of the bed with a small stand holding it in landscape orientation. We can still hear our little one cry over their sound machine in the same room. :)

  • Our baby has been in his crib since 1 month old (he is three months tomorrow) we probably would have done sooner, except that his furniture was delayed 8 months. The transition was super easy and thanks to our Nanit along with our Newton crib Mattress, I had no concern. He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 2 months old.

  • MeganCO
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    I always thought I’d wait until my LO was only waking up 1x a night to move him, but I ended up making the switch to his room, in the crib, with a sleep sack instead of swaddled all at once during week 13 in the middle of his 4 month sleep regression!

    He was waking up so much during the regression that I wasn’t getting good sleep in between, and of course this all was happening while we were on vacation. On top of that, he was successfully napping in his Snoo, his crib, a pack and play at my parent’s, a different pack and play at a hotel, and lastly our pack and play at a rental condo! And while we were traveling, we had a miracle blanket (our final attempt at a “break-out proof” swaddle, and I brought a sleep sack on a whim. When he broke out of the swaddle 2x in one night, we went cold turkey to a sleep sack, no transitional products. The first few naps were really short and he was a bit cranky, but we didn’t notice a difference in nighttime sleep (probably because he was already going through his regression!).

    now we are home and on day 4 of the sleep sack and day 2 of exclusively sleeping in the crib and it’s going great! His naps are the longest they’ve been in probably 6+ weeks and tonight is shaping up to be a “normal” sleep night.

    I miss him being with me in a way, but I like being able to have my lights on, talk at a normal volume, sleep through his grunts, etc. And he seems happy to, which is the most important!

  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @EricaTansy you are giving me motivation! I plan to move my LO into their crib for the first night tonight. She is one month... we have the newton as well and I know I will keep a close eye on her with the Nanit. Hoping for a smooth transition. She currently does 1 or 2 naps a day in her crib. 🙌