When did you transition from in-room to nursery?

We have a 5mo who has been in an attached bassinet next to my side of the bed. Our pediatrician recommended moving him to his nursery full-time no earlier than 6mo. I used to count the days until that time (does anyone else's LO sound like a dinosaur sleeping?), but now that 6 mo is around the corner, I am feeling anxious about moving him to his nursery full-time. When did you make the decision to move your LO out of your room? Were there particular milestones you were looking for ahead of time? Any advice on alleviating the anxiety?


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    We moved our LO at about 5mths. This also happened to be the time LO was sleeping through most nights, occasionally needing an early AM feed, if I didn't do a "dream feeding". This was perfect timing for us. Our LO was and still is a noisy sleeper so it helped everyone in the house get better sleep. I was anxious as well, but trust me you have a good baby monitor to check in as much (or little) as you want and you will absolutely hear baby if he/she needs something - LO's have a strong cry when they really need something. You'd be surprised how much better you (and hubby) will sleep once baby isn't right next to you.

    As to the pediatrician saying that it should not be any earlier than 6mo. This is just a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, who actually recommends 1yr in the same room to reduce SIDS. As a provider, this not something I tell my families. Each situation is different and that needs to be considered. Your pediatrician doesn't live with you so her recommendation is just that a recommendation. If you are ready to move baby or need to for any reason, do it!

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    We moved our little guy at 10 weeks before my husband went back to work so we could get better sleep. Having the nanit helped so much in knowing our little guy was safely sleeping at night and didn’t have any anxiety with the transition. We are light sleepers so it was so hard to sleep with our little guy in our room making noise and with a sound machine. His nursery is right down the hall from our room so we knew we could get to him very quickly if needed.

  • My LO is 2 weeks old today, and we actually started putting her in her crib 2 days ago when we installed out Nanit!

    We're also right across the hall from her, but it's already helped us get more sleep.

    She's usually up around 5-6am for a feeding so at that point I bring her into our room and then snuggle until we're all ready to get up.

  • The nanit makes the transition easy! I started her sleep transition at 4 months and by 6 months she was sleeping by herself all through the night. The first month I slept with the sound on my phone cuz I can play in the background on your phone and than I got comfortable to wake up to the notifications. The nanit gives you transition tips

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    You are so right @shadiediamond4 , the Nanit does make the transition easy. It can be really daunting to make that shift to having the baby sleep in a different room, and its very much a personal decision, irrespective of the AAP recommendations. Whilst all of our suggestions follow the guidelines of the AAP, we understand that every family is different and everyone makes the best decisions for their family in their own time. One thing to try when making the transition to the nursery is Nanit Breathing Wear so that you can have the peace of mind that our algorithms are tracking their breathing. We recently surveyed our families and found that 77% of those using Nanit Breathing Wear reported a lower level of anxiety after using the product.

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    2 Months on the dot. Zero anxiety due to the breathing band. Started sleeping 10+ hours at 3 Months with one or two bottle calls.

    My parents have never been so jealous.

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    We moved our daughter at 3 months. She was rolling already and I didn’t feel safe having her in the Halo bassinet any longer. She is now 5.5 months and typically sleeps 7-7! Her room is right across the hall from us, so we felt safe putting her in there. Plus, the breathewear helped ease our minds SO much.

    Remember, putting a baby in their own room before 6 months does not increase the risk of SIDS as long as you are following safe sleep standards. Room sharing can decrease the risk, but not room sharing just brings you back to baseline.

    You just need to follow your heart!

  • 3 weeks ago...he will be 12 weeks on Wednesday. He started rolling to his side (the nanit caught it on camera ot I wouldn't have known) so it's not safe once that happens. Nanit did make my anxiety much better.

  • Brian
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    We moved ours full time to his nursery at night around 8-10 weeks. He was wanting feedings every 2-3 hours and it was the only way for the parent not feeding that shift to get any rest.

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    My daughter was in the nursery after a week. I couldn't sleep with her in the room. And since I'm a SAHM I needed to be able to function, which I couldn't do since I couldn't get more than 2 hours of sleep. I was anxious at first but using the nanit and breathing wear really eased my mind. We all sleep so much better now.

  • Nicola_75
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    We waited till 9 months but now wish we had done it sooner.

  • Mimi
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    We did at 22 weeks. Best decision for her and for us. Quality of sleep for all of us improved enormously.

  • I was shocked Drs said to keep ur baby in your room for so long! But we did so and were likewise anxious. She’s 7M and a good overnight sleeper albeit not more than 9 hours typically. One thing we did that seemed to help is that we only used the bassinet (snoo) for overnight. Naps were in the crib. But once daycare started at 4M she didn’t get a lot of time in the crib at home and barely naps at daycare (also crib). It was more accidental than strategy but she was ill and home from daycare for 4 days recently and so took all the naps in the crib, she naps much longer at homes. I think the combined effect of more familiarity with the crib for her AND us helped. We also made sure she had an evening solid food meal I think that helps. And not intended as a plug for Nanit, but being able to peek in on her and using the breathing wear were peace of mind. Just last night I also noticed she scooted around and found her pacifier (don’t judge 😉) 3 times, soothing herself back to sleep all 3 times. Sorry if that doesn’t help but let’s just say we both needed to ease into crib sleep 😉

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    My first baby was in the room with us until he was just over a year old. We had transitioned him to his crib probably around 6 or 7 months. I felt so anxious and nervous to move him because I was worried I wouldn’t wake up if he cried or woke up in the middle of the night which was why I waited to move him to his own room until he was sleeping through the night consistently. My second baby was a little different though. Having a Nanit for her crib right away was a huge game changer for me. I knew that if she cried or woke up in the middle of the night I could be sure I’d hear her because I would have the audio from her Nanit on my phone. I still wanted to wait until she was sleeping consistently through the night, meaning I wanted to make sure that if she did wake up she knows how to self-soothe and put herself back to sleep. We were able to transition her to her own room probably around the 6 or 7 month mark. For the first 2 or so weeks she would wake up a couple times a week and wouldn’t self-soothe to go back to sleep, so I would end up going to her, comforting her and nursing her if she wanted, then putting her back down for bed. I wanna say probably sometime around that 3rd week she started sleeping through the night again without waking.

    Like others have mentioned, it’s easier to start off slow. Maybe start by having him take his naps in his crib in his own room and sleeping in your room at night and then once he seems to go down for naps in his crib without fuss, try moving him to his own room/crib for bed too. If you don’t already use a white noise, the Hatch Rest has always worked for my 2 babies, and it’s a great soft nightlight too for nights when you have to go into their room, it’s even great for when you’re wanting to gently wake them from an overly long nap :)

    Another tip I might recommend…if you use pacifiers, try and place a few extra ones in the crib for him to get to if he wakes up (glow in the dark pacifiers are great for this).

    Hope this was helpful. Sorry it was so long >_<

  • Our daughter is 12 months and still in our room. We went through 6 years of infertility, 3 rounds of IVF and the loss of our first daughter, so we like knowing she is close by until she is done with breast feeding. We are also following attachment parenting but she sleeps in her own crib.

  • AAP recommends room sharing for at least 6mo, ideally a year. It can decrease the risk of SIDS by up to 50%. I won’t be transitioning my baby until 6 months at the earliest. I’m actually intrigued that Nanit is sending me recommendations to transition my 4 month old baby. Where is this recommendation coming from if not from pediatricians?

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    To be clear, our tip suggests transitioning to a full size crib at 4 months, if you haven't done so already, we do not talk about transitioning to a separate room. This recommendation comes from the many sleep and developmental researchers that we collaborate with who undertand the importance of giving your baby the space to move around at night and practice all the things they are learning during the day!

  • I moved my LO to his crib at 8 months, but because it was recommended that you wait at LEAST 6months to do so but ideally a year, I am literally sleeping in the nursery with him. Even with the nanit I am just scared to leave him alone, I just wanted him to get used to sleeping in his crib and in his own room, I think the transition of me being there in the new surroundings will be easier than moving him to a new place and on top of it, not being there with him.

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    We moved her to her bed at 2 weeks old! She is a loud dinosaur sleeper! She slept better and so did we :)

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    We do it at around 9 months old. We sleep better and they sleep better!

  • Our baby refused to sleep in our bedside sleeper. So he was in his crib by 3wks old. Has done great! I was anxious at first and watched my Nanit monitor like a hawk for the first few nights. He was getting on average 5-7 hrs by week 6 and now gets an average of 10+ hours. He is such a happy baby in the mornings when he wakes up.