My kids seem to be congested all the time

I have two kids, they are one year apart with the older one being a year and nine months.

I can't remember the last time I went an hour without having to wipe their noses. I know they are exposed to a lot of viruses at daycare but I figured it's come and go. They seem to be having mucus problems none stop for months.

is there anything I can do?


  • Hi @Tissuedad1, I shared the following response to a similar question on the "Ask Me Anything" thread that may be helpful to you:

    Kids in daycare get sick frequently, as do infants with toddler siblings. I expect about an illness a month in the first year or two, and this time of year those tend to be upper respiratory illnesses. Interestingly, for those children who do not go to daycare, they get the same illnesses - just later, when they start school.

    As for immune "boosting" -- in my experience, many companies sell supplements without sufficient evidence or regulation, and try to take advantage of worried parents. Our immune systems are smart. They do not need to be "boosted". There are certainly things we can do to optimize health, and to minimize illness - many of them aren't ****, though. Hand washing, healthy diets, good sleep, etc.

    I have posts on immune boosting, evidence-based strategies to optimize your child's health, and ways to minimize daycare illnesses, as well as when you should be worried about "too many" illnesses from daycare. All are on my instagram!