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  • My 14month old refuses to feed himself. He won't eat bread, muffins, chicken nuggets or any kind of breaded foods. When we put a bowl of food like pasta in front of him and you try to assist him with using the spoon, he'll try once or twice and begin to cry. He will just scream and cry and won't even feed himself with his hands. At this point we end up feeding him. It's almost getting overbearing even at daycare and he's the only one his age who won't eat himself. But if you give him snacks like cheerios or bananas, he starts to eat right away. I'm feeling so terrible because I feel it's my fault for not starting him early on solids and using a spoon or him self feeding.

    How do we encourage him to feed himself and stop this massive crying fits we have ever day?

  • How do I wean my 20 month old off her pacifier? She currently requests two at night, one to pop in her mouth and one to hold. 😅

  • I have a 15 month old. We live in Texas. Currently the weathers been in the 40-50 at night but mid 60-70 in the day. Bedtime attire and sleep temp has been confused.

    we keep the thermostat between 70-73 at night. I am always cold (PJ pants, tshirt and sleep with sheet and comforter.). My husband sleeps in underwear and tshirt but sometimes sweat pants and no shirt and often kicks off the sheet and comforter.

    we put our 15 month old in long sleeve 2 piece pajama set, socks, and a 0.5 TOG sleep sack. He just started sleeping with a very thin blanket but it gets tossed to the side at bedtime.

    masking bedtime attire and temps. Our doc says 1 more later than we wear but I feel fleece pajamas are too much. First time mom … probably overreacting! Thanks I’m advance!

  • Hi! My 21 month old is potty trained during the day but I’m wondering how I can get her potty trained overnight. Is this something I should wait on until she’s a little older or have you heard success stories about night potty training under 2 years old? Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

  • First question is, since birth, my daughter has had a clogged tear duct on the right side, her pediatrician prescribed an eye ointment and told me to use it worse then normal, but not all the time. Which I have and it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve also tried breastmilk in her eye and that didn’t seem to do much either. HELP PLEASE. Second question, my daughter seems to go through these spurts of being extra gassy, like farting ALL THE TIME and sometimes she will fart and cry like the fart hurt. Any tips or tricks to help reduce this? She is on similac pro-total comfort and has been since birth. Third concern, how can I get her to use her bassinet or crib? She was a nicu baby, born two and a half weeks early and came home two and a half weeks later, the first night we tried the bassinet but she was absolutely not having it and since then, she sleeps in bed with me literally in my arms or she’s not happy, tips? Also, around what age is safe to start trying baby foods? Like stage one? What are signs of teething? Lastly, why does my baby’s **** smell like oil sometimes? LOL! And sometimes, TMI, it’s a green color but then it almost looks like it has tiny chunks in it? Also, tips on getting her to enjoy tummy time? I’ve tried a boppy under her, I’ve tried getting down on my tummy and talking/playing with her, I’ve tried toys, I’ve tried so much. She is 4 mo.

  • both of our children have COVID (she 4 YO, freshly 12 months). what is the most UTD treatment for these ages while we quarantine at home? both of us parents are frontline healthcare provers & our nanny tested lostive 2.5 weeks before we all did .. TYVM & stay healthy! this is no fun

  • Hello,

    my 5 month old son has been pooping green for a week and has suddenly been up 10+ times a night. He is also pooping 2-3 times through the night and I can tell his stomach is bothering him because hr wiggles uncomfortably when I’m feeding him. He’s exclusively breastfed and is still peeing normally and doesn’t appear dehydrated.

  • Hi all,

    my 15 month old bites me a lot. I noticed it happens when she’s either excited or angry and always when I’m carrying her for a nap. Is there something I can do about this? Even if I tell her no or try and redirect, it happens every day, only me

  • Is there a way to not let our LO cry it out? First time parents and that’s a lot to ask someone that is new to this. It’s been 9 months of short 30-1 hour naps maybe 3x a day and every 1.5-2 hours a night wake up. Are we just playing ourselves in thinking that he will just automatically switch to long naps and sleep mode? Is the cry it out method guarantee to ensure better longer sleep for all parties involved?! Thank you!

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