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Sometimes when we experience connectivity issues, the camera feed will still work by switching to a "local feed". I'm not sure what that means or under what circumstance that happens. I assume it only works when my device is on the same wireless network (wifi) as Nanit?

Could someone please explain what a local feed is? And if we have connectivity issues, can we manually switch to that? More details would be great. Thanks!

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  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team
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    Hi @Jane

    A local feed means video is streaming on your local network.

    Typically, if you're using your Nanit app and Nanit monitor outside of your home (while you're on LTE, not your WiFI) the video stream is first being sent from the Nanit cam > over your wifi network > to the Router > from the router to your fiber cables > to your ISP > to our servers > then to your app on your phone. You could call this a "non-local feed."

    A local feed is the video stream goes from your Nanit camera > over your Wifi > to your router > then sent back over your Wifi > to your phone/Nanit app directly. The advantage of this is there are less steps to get your video feed, and there is less delay.

    One thing to note with local video streaming, you need to have your phone connected to the same wifi network as your Nanit camera.

    For more tips on improving your Nanit's connectivity, check out this support article here.

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