C-section recovery and running

Hi, I am 5 months PP and I was an avid runner before I became pregnant and a Peloton biker all through pregnancy. I had an emergency c-section and a subsequent uterus infection that hospitalized me at 2 weeks pp. I just recently started running again and I have notable pain around my c-section scar/pelvic area- what are some good alternative workouts for women with possible c-section adhesions?


  • AmandaButler2
    AmandaButler2 Member, Expert

    @PhillyFam23 Hi! I would recommend trying Strength training workouts. You don't have to jump around or anything. Slow controlled movements like push ups, squats, shoulder press, rows, deadlifts, etc are ideal for overall strength, which we need as mama's to carry the baby and all their stuff!

  • I will look into those- thank you!