Camera constantly disconnects

This camera is a complete waste of money. It randomly disconnects at least three or four times per week. We live in town and our Wi-Fi runs at 400-500 mbps and the unit is less than 30 feet from the router. It’s great in concept and when it works we love it but there’s no reason to have to struggle to keep this thing connected when trying to get through the night with a newborn. God forbid this thing disconnect in the middle of the night and our NB have a breathing issue that isn’t caught. This isn’t a new issue either. Been dealing with this for almost 6 months now. Extremely frustrating for the kind of $$$ you pay for this kind of system. Since I’ve been typing this message…my wife has paired it three times and it has disconnected three times.


  • My husband and I feel the same way. We had connectivity issues when we first got the camera, then it worked fine for a couple months, and we’re once again experiencing issues daily. We will also be buying a cheaper monitor to use as a back-up, which is just ridiculous. The hallmark of a product like this should be reliability, and that instead seems to be Nanit’s biggest weakness. We’re incredibly frustrated.