Camera looses connection and shuts off the white noise

We just upgraded to the nanit pro thinking it would be a great idea. Since the camera will randomly loose connection, when it does, it shuts off the white noise which wakes our son up. The white noise is set to loop forever, so it’s not that it’s on a timer. It will say local view only on the app and then turn off, the app quits and the white noise shuts off. I have checked the internet connection and it’s strong. I have connected and disconnected the camera, paired it up again, even factory reset it and it happens again and again. One of the days it didn’t even record any insights because it just pooped up the entire night. What’s happening?! I’ve contacted support and have gotten to answers. We didn’t upgrade to have difficulties.


  • This happened to me tonight and I am extremely upset. Lately, on any of our devices, it takes a while for the camera view to load but today was the first time I woke up because it was suspiciously quiet to find that the sound was off and camera had no loaded in over 2 hours.