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  • Hi Dr Barnett,

    We’ve tried adjusting his bedtime an hour later to account for the end of DLS, but he just sleeps less and wakes up at his usual time. Usually from 5:30 to 6:00, which would be 4:30 to 5:00 after DLS ends. Are we supposed to just leave in my he crib for that extended amount of time?

    any advise would be helpful thank you.

  • Really looking forward to hearing the responses to these questions. Have the same issue as Jeff14834!

  • Reading everyone’s posts I feel like I have a unicorn baby. My baby sleeps 12 hours straight and usually wakes up between 7:30-8:30 and we tailor her schedule based on her rising time. She has slept 12 hours straight since she was 2 months old. I forgot about DST and have been changing her schedule from 2-1 naps. Should I wait or will this work to my advantage?

  • I see I have issues with my 2yo many others have and I am very interested in seeing the responses

  • I have a 1 year old, who is a great sleeper. He goes to bed at 7:30 every night and wakes up at 6:30, almost on the dot. However, on Sunday that 6:30 wake up suddenly becomes 5:30. I, like many commenters, am curious about when to get him out of bed- should I wait until 6:30, and just let him cry until then (we did a similar method for sleep training, so not opposed to it. However it is loud!). If he stays up later on some nights (like we are out until 8:30) , he still typically wakes up at 6:30.

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    You may want to post this as a comment under the event post as well, just to make sure it's not missed. I am very curious as to what the answer would be as well

  • His 1 years old and sleeps so well (7.30pm to 7.00am) so I’ve got a feeling the room change my unsettle him at first. Would love some suggestions before we move him. Thank you

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    @Mhlaffer You might find she wakes early for a few days as her body adjusts to the new time. We suggest you TRY to make it to 6.30am if you can, but for many kids this will be a stretch. I'd love you to try to leave her at least for 10-15 mins to see if she will hang out and try to get back to sleep. If she is upset, I'd go get her!

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    @Amanda_B16 Firstly, Its REALLY normal for babies to wake in the night,even for extended periods. If she is happy chatting to herself, I'd leave her to give the chance to get back to sleep on her own. Take a look at our blog post on the time change which should give you some tips!

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    @Etran This is tough! It's really normal to see these shorter naps at this stage. I hope they start to lengthen soon. For the time change, I'd suggest perhaps adding another nap to the day so that you can push through to a 6/6.30pm bedtime. It might not be possible, but worth a shot!

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