💬"Ask Me Anything" about Daylight Savings: Fall Back And Your Baby’s Sleep with Dr. Natalie Barnett

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The AMA will begin on November 4th and end on November 5th at 11:59 PM ET.

Ask Dr. Natalie Barnett Anything about preparing your babies and toddlers to fall back.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Identify the type of child you have. How do they adapt when they miss a nap or bedtime is too late? If they turn into a hot mess when sleep is off start 5 days before the time change. If they are very adaptable and don’t seem to skip a beat on an off-sleep day start 2 days before.
  • Start the shift slowly. 5 days before daylight savings, start shifting your child’s nap & bedtime schedule later by 10 minutes every day. Adjust mealtime as well!
  • Adopt the new clock immediately. As soon as the clock officially falls back we need to work off the new clock right away. Don’t make the mistake of calculating what bedtime or nap time would have been yesterday.
  • Use black-out shades. As the light creeps in earlier in the morning this is an important step to help minimize early rising.
  • Set awake for the day no earlier than 6:30 AM. Wait to get your baby until 6:30 AM the day of the time change and each day after

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  • The AMA is now live! You can ask @Natalie_Barnett_PhD your questions about daylight savings and baby sleep through tomorrow November, 5th at 11:59 PM ET.

  • Hello!

    I have a 6m baby girl. We are struggling with sleep right now anyway (pretty sure she’s trying to cut some teeth) so I’m really not looking forward to time change.

    We put her to bed for the night by 6:30pm and she is ALWAYS up at 3am. She’s usually happy and awake but awake none-the-less. I usually give her a pacifier after she’s talked to herself a while and she goes back to sleep and is up for the day by 5:30am.

    First: how do I adjust for time change since we are already struggling?

    Secondly: how do I get her through this phase and back to sleeping all the way through the night?!


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    Hi I have a baby boy who just turned 3 months. I’m pretty sure he’s going through a sleep regression as prior to this he was napping really well for 1-2.5 hours each time and now it’s about 30 mins or less. That said, he gets super tired towards the evening and now has a bed time of 5-530pm 😩. How do I adjust for sleep regression and time change at same time?? And do I keep trying to keep him up until his 630 bed time? Not sure if he will stay awake. We also usually do a dream feed around 10-1030pm and that will take him to his morning start around 6am.

  • Usually put our daughter down between 7:30-8, she usually wakes up early like 5:30, will usually go back to sleep till 6:30

    i was planning on extending her wake windows Friday and Saturday by 10 min before we fall back?? Worried about her waking up at 4:30am ready for the day

  • Why the recommendation not to respond until 630am?

    We have an early riser (5-530a), but that works for us and allows quality time together each day because our baby is ready to start bedtime routine around 515pm and asleep by 6pm.

    So is 630am a general suggestion or is it based on a schedule that optimizes sleep?

  • My 5.5 month goes to bed around 7-7:30 (sometimes is a struggle to make it to then) but is usually up by 5:30 (if we are lucky). She does wake for a feed once at night. I try to wait getting her until 6 but she starts crying. Naps are only 35 mins if we are lucky. Not sure how to adjust to the time change if I already struggle to keep her up at wake windows and up until bed time. Helppppp!

  • Similar to the above, my son is a early riser and I’m worried about this change. He’s between a two nap and three nap schedule right now. Two nap days he naps at 9 and 130 and is in bed by 630. Three nap days he naps at 9, 1 and 430, and he’s in bed by 730. No matter what we do he wakes at 530 almost on the dot. I never go in and feed him until 6am. I have tried leaving him to 630 for a week and he just cries. He never adjusts to a later wake time. When I feee him at 6 most of the time I get him to fall back asleep until 7, but some days feeding doesn’t work and he is up for the day. How do I approach his adjustment? I’m worried he will start waking at 430. Ideally I would have him waking for the day at 630.

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