Camera Not Working

Our camera randomly stopped working! We contacted nanit help but they haven’t answered. Has anyone figured out a way to troubleshoot this yet? We have tried everything we can think of!


  • LyraB
    LyraB Member

    Same thing happened to us today! Apparently it’s with the new Apple phones and iOS updates…. Have heard it’s not working on Androids as well though. So frustrating! I told my husband I’m happy we have a basic monitor too!

  • My camera is not working

  • Kris
    Kris Member

    Ours is not working either. Support gave me some things to do but it didn’t fix the issue. They are going to call me tomorrow and continue to diagnose it. I will update if I get the fix.

  • Our camera streams but no insights or events. Customer service was unhelpful. Insane at this price point.