Camera suddenly stopped working

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we have had our Nanit for the past two years with no problems. All of the sudden tonight the app logged me out and when I logged back in our camera was no longer working. I am unable to access night mode or the sound settings. When I try to click on network settings it says that function is unavailable while the camera is disconnected. I don’t understand how the camera is disconnected when I can still see my daughters room! Does anyone have any idea what may have happened.


  • Bri
    Bri Member

    In the same club. 2+ years of no problem and network connectivity the last week or two. Nanit blames the network, but it’s ironic a bunch of posts all say the same thing with the exact same issue

  • ClemHarvey
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    The Nanit was working without any issues. Then I received an app update and confirmed. After the app updated the camera would no longer connect. When I try to re-pair the Nanit to the network by holding the WiFi button (a tip mentioned here), the camera does not flash as it did when I originally set it up, so it will not sync. Guess it's like a firmware update bricked it.