Chromecasting a Nanit

Has anyone found a work around to get the Nanit to Chromecast or to work with a Google Nest Hub? (Nanit Support said it is "something we are considering, but nothing concrete in the works as of yet.")

I'm shocked that this functionality isn't available and wasn't early on the roadmap. There is a skill for Alexa, but similar functionality doesn't seem to exist in the Google ecosystem.

Using a Google Nest Hub is perfect for a baby monitor, so one doesn't have to livestream on a phone or iPad. Then you can actually use your mobile device for other forms of communication.


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @BetaBrad Thanks for your feedback! I'm tagging @Tali our Sr. Product Manager here for visibility. While this is not in the works as of yet, we are always collecting customer feedback so appreciate you sharing how useful this feature would be.

  • Milos
    Milos Member

    Pinging @Tali to add another customer's hopes for this feature. 😁

  • Thanks, @Melanie and @Tali . Would really love this to be a feature of the system.

    I think the product story should be relatively easy to write. It's relatively straight forward to program the Chromecast functionality, as you can do it right within the Nanit app and don't need to mess with a separate published program, such as with Alexa skills. I think it should be doable in a sprint or two, particularly for the Android app.

    Even if it's only audio and video transmitted via the Chromecast, thank would be an amazing MVP and conveys much of the value prop.