IPhone 13 and iOS15 users: Please Read

With the recent release of the iPhone 13 and iOS 15, some users are experiencing issues with viewing the app. You may experience what looks like a connectivity issue and that the video is attempting to load.

If you have an IPhone 13 or are using iOS15 and are experiencing this issue - please make sure your Nanit app is up to date and log out of your app and relaunch by logging back in.

This should resolve the problem.

Apple is actively working on resolving this issue and we will provide updates as they are available.


  • ssmom
    ssmom Member

    I have been having this issue since updating to iOS 15. 2 years of using the Nanit and now constant spinning and trying to connect. I thought it was just due to this update but turns out my husbands Android is having same issues. We have tried all connectivity recommendations. It works fine during day when there are 10 other devices linked to WiFi and router but at night can’t connect?

  • Brian
    Brian Member
    edited October 13

    My wife and I upgraded to iPhone 13s and while we aren’t having trouble viewing the feed our Nanit notifications do seem broken. More specifically, notifications to my Apple Watch while in focus mode with the app allowed to break through no longer seek to break through. It worked on iOS 15.0.2 and an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but moving to the 13 pro max on 15.0.2 seems like something regressed. I’ll keep testing as it doesn’t make much sense yet why that specific scenario would be messed up with only a HW change.

  • I had the same issue. Upgraded to iPhone 13 and couldn’t access the camera. Deleted the app and reinstalled it and it seems to have fixed the issue.

  • I’ve done what you have suggested with logging out and back in and am still having the issue. Have also deleted the app and downloaded again. I have the most up to date app. Please help!

  • Tereas52
    Tereas52 Member

    Same! Deleted app, logged out, etc. we are out of the country and our nanit isn’t working. This is a huge failure on Nanit. Please help asap.