Has anyone been able to escalate to a manager at Nanit?

I have two cameras on the same network using the same router. The camera thahs furthest away works no problem and happens to be much older. My new camera which I’m using for my newborn doesn’t work.

ive been going back and forth for over a week with “engineering” with the same troubleshooting steps that clearly aren’t working. I’m annoyed and very upset that I’ve spent so much money for a product that doesn’t even work. Has anyone been able to Escalate to get a replacement?


  • stephanie.mirch
    stephanie.mirch Nanit Support

    I am sorry you are experiencing issues. One of my managers is responding to your ticket with some additional information. With network issues it is important to diagnose the issue properly as a replacement would not resolve them.

    With the recent release of the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 , some users are experiencing issues with viewing the app. Please make sure your Nanit app is up to date, log out of your app and relaunch by logging back in.