Connectivity issue- Troubleshooting

All of a sudden our Nanit reads “troubleshoot” and will not connect. And all the steps they give you are to go and manipulate the camera, how in the world do they expect to go into the room of a baby at 3am to do such a thing? The camera is the whole point not to do that. It’s stupid. It works until it doesn’t and there is no rhyme or reason on my end. This is becoming a safety concern for our child when we are sleeping in the middle of the night and rely on the Nanit baby monitor to wake us when she is woken up. Fix this issue ASAP as obviously from the forum, it is not an isolated event.


  • Same here and the troubleshooting doesn’t work

  • Hey All,

    Set up my Nanit Pro and it seems to be working well. Pairing was quick and the connection is strong. Although my home is a smart home and quite tech savy, I can suggest a few ideas.

    1) make sure 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz are separate WiFi names on your network (SSID)

    2) your cell needs to be connected to 2.4ghz for nanit to connect to 2.4ghz. I'm suggesting 2.4ghz because it has more range.

    3) Consider a wifi6 mesh system like Asus Zenwifi, Tp-Link WiFi 6. I did that and all my 50 smart devices are connected smoothly.

    Time will tell how my device behaves.