Camera all of a sudden doesn’t work

right around the same time as the insights subscription expired the Nanit camera has stopped working properly and frequently unpairs from the network and doesn’t show the video/audio feed. Most frustrating this happens in the middle of the night when we are relying on this to watch over our baby. We don’t have this connection problem with literally any other connected device in the house including other security cameras. This is unacceptable for a life saving device as we rely on the Nanit to watch over our baby. Have tried all troubleshooting and restart/repair steps numerous times and nothing works. The same problem persists over and over again. Please help!!!!!


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @AlexF I apologize you are experiencing these issues with your Nanit - connectivity issues can be very specific to your set up so I've gone ahead and escalated this over to our support team so they are able to take a closer look and identify the cause. We will be reaching out to you directly via email. Thanks for reporting this and we should have this resolved for you soon!