Struggling to change the Wifi connection of a Camera

We have a Nanit N151 that we have taken on holiday with us, our nanny is part of the parenting team and through their iPad app they are not able to either fix the connection to the network of the camera, or to add the camera as a new camera.

Do they need access to my phone app to complete this?


  • Christopher
    Christopher Member, Community Moderator, Nanit Support
    edited September 21

    Hello @ETOAQ ,

    This sounds like the nanny has view-only access. If this is true, this means the nanny will be unable to make any network changes to the camera with this permission level. Only the Owner of the camera or Admins are able to edit the network settings of the camera.

    If this isn't the case and the nanny has Admin access please reach out to our support team at [email protected]