Issues connecting my camera to wifi

I have gone through all the troubleshooting steps but my camera still won’t connect to my wifi. My baby is now sleeping and I can’t get my monitor to work. This is slightly worrying. Has anyone else had this issue and if so did you manage to get it resolved?


  • Same issue here.. we are on night four without our Nanit and we are all so sleep deprived that I am having a really hard time. Why can’t we get a response to our tickets? My husband has created two tickets and has called several times and hasn’t been able to get through. A Twitter post from Nanit stated that they would get back to us within 24 hours..

  • I received a response from the the support team and they were able to resolve the issue on the their first attempt. It turns out the Nanit was connected to our guest network which has a very poor range, and in turn wasn't giving the Nanit the juice (connection/download speed) it needed to connect to our device. The article that helped us resolve this issue is linked below. Beware, if you have the Nanit plus if you don't see the flashing light on the back of the camera, it hasn't reset yet. I hope this helps other. And team Nanit, please thank Christopher for me.

  • I am so appalled that this can even happen. How can a company make parents feel at ease without the use of their baby monitors? I am so tired of trying to make this work. Customer services emailed me last night and I followed all the steps they gave me and yet it still doesn’t work. I’m going to have to buy another monitor as I can’t not worry about my baby whilst he’s sleeping. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be recommending this company to any of my mum friends

  • What steps did you take? I don’t see a link. My customer service rep sent me two different sets of directions and neither did anything.

  • @Erk5023 My apologies. here's the link that I used and ultimately resolved the issue for me: