7 Days NAP trend


My son recently started to sleep better at night. One of the main reasons were that we were able to narrow down the time that his “natural bed time” was, by looking at the night trends in the app.

looking at the visual line with the visits, wake-ups and so on, made it extremely easy for us to spot what days it went well, and what days it went bad, and what time he was put to sleep. Also to see the progress for the stretches/time of his sleep.

Currently we are only really battling with his naps. Sometimes it goes well. He falls asleep easily, and sleeps for 1.5-2.5 hours. But other times, getting him to nap takes forever.

and we are having the same problem narrowing it down. Does he have a time during the day where he sleeps better? The time from he wakes up, and until he’s put back to sleep? And see if there’s a pattern.

i can go through the days, and see the insights, but I cannot get a visual with the nap times, length of the naps and so on, like I can with the night trends.

so.. when you are gathering the information in the app, and you already have the feature implemented for the night, wouldn’t it be possible to also show it for the day/nap time? It would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.