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  • Hi! Thank you for doing this! Any thoughts on helping baby transitioning sleep cycles?

  • Hi! Thank you for doing this! My 11 weeks old baby sleeps for 3 hours stretch at 9-10 pm, he feeds (sometimes a half feed others a full feed) and then we put him back in bed (he appears drowsy and rarely opens his eyes at night).. after that he wakes up every 2 hours (he feeds for 20 min, then we keep him somewhat straight for 20-30 minutes because of reflux and then sleep maybe an hour) until 8-9 am. How can I stop my baby from waking up every 2 hours during the second “half” of the night?

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    @sofiyasmom This is a really personal decision. Im sure you know the AAP recommends room sharing for at least six months but MANY families choose to move their babies well before that, depending on their circumstances.

    The far more important recommendation is no bed-sharing.

    For what it is worth, our data and parent surveys show us that babies who sleep in a separate room sleep longer than our babies who room share and our parents sleep longer when the baby is in a separate room.

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    @BTM Cribs are made to be safe for little heads to bang on and most babies stop this behavior when they realize that it hurts. I would talk to your pediatrician about it if it continues.

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    @Rocio_Hsieh I know this is tough! Hang in there! It will get better soon!

    To answer your wedge question, I would suggest getting rid of it. As you have seen, he can wiggle down and soon will be able to move around the crib more and the wedge will be counter-productive.

    Its really normal for 11 week olds to start to develop a longer stretch (3-4 hours) at the beginning of the night so Im thrilled your baby is doing that. Their sleep cycles are starting to develop at this age and its really normal for us to see one longer stretch followed by the shorter stretches that you are seeing. The longer stretches will come soon. The only thing I would suggest at this age is to naturally, gradually increase those ounces during the day so that he can naturally, gradually start to drop those ounces at night. You could try transitioning to the next stage of nipple, you might be able to get a few more ounces in that way. I know this can be tricky for reflux babies and Im not saying it will work or be a magic bullet, but its something to try!

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