"Ask Me Anything" about Safe Sleep Environments with Dr. Natalie Barnet



  • My little one is 4 months old and refuses to sleep in the crib. He’ll sleep on an awake human for long stretches (3-4 hrs max). He either won’t sleep in the crib at all or give us maybe 20mjn in it. How do we get him to sleep in the crib?

  • Hi, I have a 4 month old, who moves up on his back very actively, I know crib bumpers aren’t safe. Will he hurt him himself, his head or the fontanelle or his legs when he is kicking the slats. Is there any safe alternative to crib bumpers.

  • At what ages can a child sleep on a cot?

  • Our house gets pretty cold at night (66-67degrees) and we cannot use a space heater due to voltage limits on our outlets. How do i keep my 4 month old warm enough at night? I notice when he wakes to nurse, his face and hands are very cold and he seems uncomfortable. I've tried heavier sleep sacks but now that he sleeps with his arms out, he cannot retain his heat.

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    What is the best humidity in the room for a 6 month baby? My daughter have been bothered by nasal congestion constantly. Is it because of the humidity?

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    Is it ok to wake her up in midnight for a feed?

  • My 10 month old has a cranial band to fix plagiocephaly and I struggle to know how to dress him to keep him cool enough but not cold.

  • 6 month will not nap more than 30min and will not fall asleep on her own. At night wakes up and needs to rocked back to sleep. Make sure she’s not hot or cold. What can we do?

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  • Our baby is 2mos and we have been swaddling him with arms in (arms down on both sides). The hospital told us that he should have his arms accessible to him. However, when his arms moves around it wakes him up. Are we doing the best way to prevent him from waking up and having a longer sleep?

  • My baby likes to roll to her left side to sleep sometimes. It’s not a full side sleep, but she lays on her ear and upper half is turned on her side, not quite legs yet. Is this ok to let happen or should I immediately go in and lay her on her back?

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