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  • My 5 month old is always banging into the sides of the crib. Getting bruises and or getting limbs stuck in the slats. Is there a specific crib you’d recommend or anything we can do? We use the nanit sleep sack but she moves constantly in the night.

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    @Gadri44 At 8 months, he will likely need approximately 3 hours between nap 1 and nap 2. You might be putting him down a little early for the second nap and he might just not be tired enough. I always recommend giving lunch before the second nap, which can help lengthen the nap too.

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    @Katiemenkov You will always put your baby to sleep on their back, but when they are capable of getting themselves into their tummy, its fine for them to sleep there. You do not need to roll them back!

    Just please make sure you have nothing in the crib (such as a baby lounger) that the baby's face can roll into.

  • Our little Sophia bed time is between 9:00 to 9:30 pm however she always wakes up 45 minutes after and she is asking for breast and she wants her moms arm to settle down. She is 6 months now and we have a problem since we have started her sleep training when she was 12 weeks. She is sleeping independently for all her naps during the day and she self sooth her self but she can’t don’t it at night. We tried to train her and let her to cry over one hour but she is still have this Habit

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    Hi Natalie! Our daughter is 20 months old today, and her sleep has been a little irregular for the past week or two. She typically wakes up around 6:30 but we don't get her out of the crib until 7am, has lunch at 11:30am, then she naps from 12 - 2pm and goes to bed at 7pm.

    The changes we've seen are that some days she wakes at 5:30am per the Nanit but hangs out in her crib until we get her at 7, and sometimes she only naps for 1 hour instead of 2. The Nanit also shows a lot of movement in the middle of the night - the video seems as though her eyes are closed but maybe she's just moving around a bunch trying to get comfortable? It also seems as if she isn't super tired some nights and takes a little longer to fall asleep than usual.

    Our routines changed from my husband and I taking care of her while working from home to bringing in a babysitter to watch her while he returned to work in person (though I still work from home). She also just turned 20 months and seems to be doing new things every day!

    How do we know if this is a temporary sleep regression due to the childcare changes and/or developmental growth, or if we need to make an adjustment to her schedule?

  • what are some safety tips for babies with apnea equipment o2 tubing and cords

    So far, we have the cannula tubing and monitor cord coming out of her pant leg and draped over the side of the crib. She’s 9 weeks old, but we’re worried about these being a strangulation hazard once she’s able to roll over.

  • Room temp - 6 month old and humidifier

    Almost 6 month old. Should I keep her in long sleeves with her sleep sack with a room temp 68-70? And should I be using a cool humidifier every night? What about my 2 year old… does he need the cool humidifier too?

  • Unswaddled baby rolling over

    My almost 6 month old wakes himself up since he isn’t swaddled anymore, what can we do?

  • When is it safe to move baby from bassinet to the crib?

    My baby girl sleeps on the same room with us but in her own space/bassinet. I think the room for her in the bassinet is been a little tight now, she is 3 months old. We put her down to sleep at 8:30 and she falls asleep alone around 9:30pm until next morning. So is now a good time to move her to her own room? Btw she sleeps in her crib in the morning during her first nap.

  • My 7 week old does has not wanted to take daytime naps since he was 5 weeks old. It’s always a struggle because he wants to stay awake, then gets overtired and nothing will soothe him except sleeping in our arms or baby wear. We can’t even leave the room he’s sleeping in or will cry. Any recommendations?

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