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  • My son (4mos) will only sleep on his belly, no matter how many times we correct him. He can roll both ways. Is this ok? If not, should we try to put him in the Merlin’s Magic sleep suit we bought?

  • I have an 8 month old always ends up with her head touching the crib rails and sometimes hits her head while sleeping because she also is a very restless sleeper. Is there anything we can do to prevent her from sleeping so close to the crib rails?

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    Hi our 6 month old is sleeping on his belly is this ok? Rolls back to belly but not belly to back! Help! We have the Newton mattress too! We are worried he will not be able to get out of belly position. We do lots of tummy time too!

  • Our 4 mth old is able to fall asleep on her own, and was able to stay asleep for at least 6 hours. Recently she has started waking up at 2Am then every hour after that wanting her pacifier. We are so exhausted. What can we do to help her stay asleep with out it?

  • Please advise on how to help 11 month old self soothe without my breast as a pacifier! I know I’ve practiced bad habits for 11 months: co-sleeping, breastfeeding to make baby sleep, inconsistent bed time routines- but now it’s baby boot camp time and I’ve straightened my act. One week and it’s working- except self soothing has been the final challenge. He cries until picked up and breastfed.

  • I need help with transitioning my daughter 7weeks to sleep in the bed side crib.. up until now she's slept on the dockatot on the bed with my partner and I.. I don't think is safe for her anymore. I have tried in the last 2 nights to get her to sleep on the bed side crib but she cries all through the night.. do you think swaddling will help?

  • My baby is 3 months old and also naps 4 times a day, should I transition him to 3 naps or keep it as is for now?

  • My baby is 3 months, he is able to self soothe for bedtime, but has a hard time during nap time. I nap him in the pack & play. Could the location be the issue ?

  • My 4 month old daughter continually breaks out of the Snoo verlcro strap and then attempts to get her arm out of the swaddle throughout the night. We have tried putting her to sleep with her arms out but she is not sure what to do and how to fall asleep with her arms free. Any tips?

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