"Ask Me Anything" about Safe Sleep Environments with Dr. Natalie Barnet

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The AMA will begin on September 20th at 9 am ET through September 24th at 11:59 PM ET. The thread will open when the AMA begins.

September is Baby Safety Month! Ask Dr. Natalie Barnett Anything about safe sleep environments.

Dr. Natalie Barnett serves as Director of Clinical Research at Nanit. In her role, Natalie oversees collaborations with researchers at hospitals and universities around the world which use the Nanit camera to better understand pediatric sleep. Prior to joining Nanit, Natalie was Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia. She is able to apply her scientific knowledge to everyday sleep problems and enjoys nothing more than giving families the gift of sleep.

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  • My 8th month boy wouldn’t take his second nap. Is there a specific time you would recommend for it?

    He always takes his first one around 8:30-9am

  • My 6 months old baby sleeps only on her belly during the night and on her side during the day. Should I try to teach her to sleep on her belly? We monitor her breathing over the night.

  • do you know why a baby would all of a sudden reject their pacifier? And how do you learn to put them to sleep without it?

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    My baby is almost 8 months old and pulls himself up to stand in the crib CONSTANTLY. This is interfering with his sleep; what can I do?

  • We had our first red alert two nights ago. Baby girl was fine, but how do I know if this was a false alert? Im terrified to sleep now! Any insight on red alerts?

  • Vic
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    Should leave the humidifier all nigh ?

    where have to be the humidifier in room ?

    ( next to baby somewhere up or on floor)

  • When should baby start sleeping in her own room? How do we know it’s safe for her to be alone?

  • Self soothing tips?. I have nursed my son to sleep since birth and my son is now 6 months and seems to have no way to self soothe back to sleep. He wakes frequently throughout the night crying to be pacified.

  • our 5 month old boy is sleeping in his own room since he was 3,5 months. Lately he started to roll over in his crib. From his back to his belly and I am so worried. Should I let him do that and just watch him ? It is ok for him to roll over at 5 months?

  • My almost 4 month old son has been rolling over from back to belly for 2 weeks now during play. He sleeps in a snoo at night so I don’t have to worry about him doing it in his sleep typically, but we are going on vacation next week. He will not sleep without being swaddled and I’ve tried to swaddle him with arms out and have him nap in the travel bassinet to get ready for vacation, but he wakes up immediately because he starts thrashing his arms around. When completely swaddled arms in, he falls right asleep. Can we safely swaddle him fully while on vacation so he will sleep in the travel bassinet?

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    My baby is almost 5 months old and takes 4 naps. When should I transition her to 3 naps and how do I do it? Her last nap is from 6-6:30pm because she wakes up at 4:30pm to feed and her bedtime is 8pm. She does take longer naps now that she sleeps on her tummy. We usually have to wake her from her naps. She feeds every 3 hours.

  • Our 11 month old bangs her head against the crib sometimes multiple times a night. I’ve seen bruises and bumps on her forehead as a result. I’ve read that bumpers are not safe; what do you recommend to help protect her?

    Also wondering if it would be safe to leave breastmilk or water in a bottle in her crib for naps?


  • When is it safe, if ever to cosleep?

  • What are your thoughts on sleep sacks for babies. Are they a SIDS hazard. I was looking at getting one for my daughter but wasn’t sure.

  • My baby girl is 6 months old and I am wondering when is it okay to start using a pillow and and a blanket.

  • My 6 month old has just started rolling from back to tummy all the time now and gets stuck there several times in the middle of the night. Only does this while in a sleep sack. Prior to the sleep sack we used the baby Merlin magic sleep suit which was amazing but also restricted his movement a bit. I have put him back in the Merlin suit at night now for the sake of us getting some more sleep and I’m trying to get in lots of tummy and rolling time during the day. Any tips on what to do since he hasn’t figured out how roll back over yet at night?

  • Tips on how to to help a 7.5 month old that has developed separation anxiety? It’s not primarily a fear or strangers (baby is still very outgoing), but will sometimes wake crying and stare at the door within 10 minutes of falling asleep. We nurse right before a short bedtime story read by the non-lactating parent. Baby was sleep was trained at 4 months and falls asleep independently. We recently attempted a sleep training “reset.”

  • can I use essential oils in my diffuser with my newborn in the same room while baby is sleeping?

  • Our 3-month old is now rolling over. We now swaddle arms out. What are the best tips to put baby to sleep for naps and bedtime?

  • Our baby is addicted to sleeping on a swing. She is 7 weeks. Will this stage be outgrown, so I can let her still use the swing for now? It’s a savior!!!

  • Is it okay for baby to sleep with lovies yet at 6 months?

  • Tips to help with early wakings? Our son wakes at 5 am every morning, despite moving bedtime earlier, later, feeding more during the day, etc. Only change has been stopping daycare and our son now takes 2 consistent naps per day (3-3.5 hours total), versus almost no naps at all at daycare!

  • Kim
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    What do you recommend as the most effective approach in preventing SIDS? I’ve read that keeping your room temperature around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, having the bassinet in the same room as the parents and no blankets or items inside, having baby sleep on back and keeping a ceiling fan all help in the prevention of SIDS but is there anything else first time parents can do?

  • Kim
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    is co sleeping okay as long as safety measures are taken?

  • Connecting sleep cycles if they can’t put themselves back to sleep independently yet. Our daughter (5 months) is taking roughly/only 30 minute naps if we don’t intervene to extend it.

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