Camera not working

This is ridiculous, our camera every day has had issues. Skipping, pausing, one phone being more delayed than the other. This is not acceptable seeing how much it costs. We troubleshoot the camera and make sure the app is up to date with no resolution. we have disconnected from the wall, blinking light but the camera is still not coming up.


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    My camera won’t even turn on. Did you have luck reaching Nanit support? I have been reaching out and no one responds. It’s super disappointing, I am at the point where I just want a refund so I can buy a new more dependable monitor from a store.

  • This is our 3rd one and they all do the same thing. The start with intermittent pausing and then will turn off and then will never connect again. My cheap train cam works better than these things.

    Also takes for ever to get a hold of someone at nanit

    These are garbage