No flashing light when trying to reconnect.

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Just about done with Nanit now, have had connection issues nonstop since we’ve had it despite no WiFi issues in our small flat, have already turned a few parents off of the idea. Now connection has been down for a couple of days so baby is back in with us, none of these threads actually have any solutions, just ‘we will raise this’ … any idea how to actually solve connectivity problems? I can’t even get the flashing connectivity light to come on.


  • I have the exact same problem. Have you heard from nanit at all? I put in a ticket but I haven't gotten a response yet.

  • We are having the same problem Husband hasn’t heard back from Nanit. How do we fix this? No one sleeps when baby is in our room.. are we going to have to get a new baby monitor? There are a lot of people on here having the same issue.. has anyone heard from Nanit regarding a solution?

  • This happened to me only a month ago and again tonight. A month ago Nanit replaced my camera as their firmware update completely fried mine & from the looks of it, many others. I bet this is exactly what has happened again. At this point it is more than an inconvenience, it is a danger to have a Nanit monitor and I expect a full refund.

  • I received a response from the the support team and they were able to resolve the issue on the their first attempt. It turns out the Nanit was connected to our guest network which has a very poor range, and in turn wasn't giving the Nanit the juice (connection/download speed) it needed to connect to our device. The article that helped us resolve this issue is linked below. Beware, if you have the Nanit plus if you don't see the flashing light on the back of the camera, it hasn't reset yet. I hope this helps other parents. And team Nanit, please thank Christopher for me.