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    In this case, I'd recommend hands on pumping! While wearing your pumping bra, incorporate breast massage and compressions in order to get max flow. I would also checkyour flanges to make sure they're the appropriate size.

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    @Jessie if the pain is terrible, excruciating pain, it could be his oral anatomy or the latching techniques being used.

    questions to ask yourself to determine if the latch is “good”:

    • are your n*pples compressed, flattened, lipstick shaped or have a line going down the middle?
    • are baby’s lips on the areola?

    my biggest suggestion is to focus on deep latching and get a feeding assessment if you can!

  • 8weeks post partum and I’m exclusively pumping. Baby had to be supplemented with formula at the hospital and has grown accustomed to bottles. We pace feed in the hoes that I can still transition her to the breast for a few feeds. But she screams bloody **** when I bring her to the chest.

    is my letdown too slow? Too fast?? also she seems to hate cradle and football hold. She sometimes lets me try reclined but I feel like she’s always fighting me

  • Hi Erica,

    I’ve struggled with a low supply since giving birth. I’ve tried location cookies, power pumping, mama milk drinks, and mothers milk tea but nothing really helps. My supply is so low now that I’m lucky if I get an oz from all pumps from the day. Is there any hope for me?

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    Thanks for the feedback! I forgot to include...can you freeze breastmilk that has been refrigerated from different days pumped?

  • Hi Erica,

    I’ve been struggling with low breast milk supply since my baby was born. At the beginning I could give little to no milk to him. Since week 8, I can provide about 50-75% of what he needs per feeding. Now it is week 11, I don’t think my milk production has increased since week 8. I’ve been powering pumping once a day and nursing him as much as possible. I’ve also tried mother’s milk herbal tea with not much success. (We saw lactation consultants for a few times from week 0-7)

    Is there anything else I can do to increase production? Or should I except my production will stay at this low level? If so, could I stop powering pumping and still maintain the current level of milk supply?

    (P.S I was told by week 6 if my supply couldn’t go up, there is not much hope…)

    thank you,


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    Hi Erica, I'm having issues with deep latching with my baby. He'll pull away every time I put him on a deep latch. By the time I realize he's hurting me, it's too late. I already have a blister. How do I retrain him? My baby is gaining weight so I'm not worried but I just want to not have anymore pain.

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    hi @Kelsie_Saunder3_ it sounds like you're doing A LOT already! I'm wondering how baby's milk transfer is while at the breast... It's definitely worth looking into getting an IBCLC to help out and see how things are going! Occasionally, it can take premature babies a little bit longer to get the hang of feedings!

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    1. when it comes to that type of feeding schedule, it is so hard to determine when to pump! It honestly doesn't sound like you have much time to do so.
    2. it's also hard to say if he's getting enough simply based on the timing. an assessment is definitely recommended in this case. most babies feed about 8-12 times in a 24 hour period!
    3. It is actually okay if he's feeding this way if he's gaining weight and making appropriate diapers BUT because it's not sustainable FOR YOU! I'd look into getting an assessment to determine how to keep baby on the breast longer or to figure out what exactly is going on. Again, all sounds within the realm of normal but I know you're looking for some sleep and I hope you find it!
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    hi @Rachelborden

    45 minutes is definitely longer than expected! Because of the length of feedings and the lack of weight gain, I would recommend doing a feeding assessment with an IBCLC! His bottle intake sounds more than sufficient! But based on his feeding at the breast, the possibility of poor milk transfer seems like something worth looking into.

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