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  • Hello

    are there any particular foods and drinks that you recommend to consume to increase milk supply? And any to avoid that decrease supply? Thank you

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    I’m struggling with breastfeeding my almost 3 week old. He does latch but it hurts me too much, I have sore **** pretty much all the time. I try to give them a break by pumping and bottle feeding breast milk. It’s impossible for me to go 24 hrs of pure breast feeding. What are the best tips to a good latch? Also he sometimes refuses switching ****. Should I cut down on the time in one breast and is it imperative to give both every feed? Any advice to make the pain go away is well appreciated!! I do get tightening of the **** so that is reassuring my body is ready to feed him.

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    Hi, my daughter is 6weeks old and I’ve been doing breast feeding, pumping and formula (formula only when I have no breast milk stored and my breast are sore). I tend to just give her my breast milk in a bottle because it takes 20mins. Where if I do my breast she takes an hour sometimes 2 and she doesn’t have a wide latch so it’s painful at times. How can I make breastfeeding less painful Ave not as long?

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    If you want to freeze breastmilk, should it be done the same day or can you store several ounces in the fridge and then combine them to freeze?

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    hi @Manuela1991

    in my personal opinion, nipple shields help aid your feeding experience! if you have no problem using a shield, then continue using it for as long as you want. if you are concerned that she is not latching without the shield, i would definitely recommend a oral assessment with an IBCLC that specializes in tethered oral tissues.

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    Hi Erica,

    Usually when I pump, I will get about 2 ounces if my baby hasn't fed and was provided with bottled breast milk. During a consultation session, my baby is able to get more milk when breastfeeding. I'm a bit anxious about my return to work and how to get the same volume of milk for my baby to bottle feed while I am working. Any suggestions regarding this would be great

  • Hi Erica,

    My wife has been trying to breastfeed and pump for our two-week old newborn. She has pretty significant pain during and a dull, lasting pain afterwards. Our paediatrician has ruled out thrush and suspects vasospasm, but can’t explain the pain during pumping. The lactation consultant that we saw last week said that my wife has a good latch so that doesn’t seem to be at play either. Any ideas here as to how to find the cause of the pain and a solution for it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for you time!


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    i like to give this analogy:

    when we (adult humans) eat, we start off fast and we start to get slower once we eat. with newborns, they do a similar action at the breast, starting really fast and eventually feeding much slower.

    when you pump, you want to mimic your baby!

    so you’ll start off pumping at a faster setting (high cycle). the suction should always be customized to whatever is the most comfortable FOR YOU. once you start to see milk droplets or after 2-3 minutes, you’ll switch that setting to a slower setting (low cycle) with a little bit more suction (as much as comfortable for you).

    most pumps automatically do this. the spectra is a great pump but it does not automatically switch so you’ll definitely need to play around with it.

    ultimately, the goal is milk removal so if you’re getting an adequate output with your current setting, no need to switch.

  • Hello! My newborn is almost 3 weeks old. My milk supply hasn’t increased much over the last couple weeks. That, combined with a sleepy baby who doesn’t latch for long, has led me to triple feeding (try at breast, bottle with formula + pumped milk, pump for 30 min). This is a very time consuming process that takes about 75 min! I usually only pump about 30-40 mL total. How long do moms usually keep this up? When or how do I decide to move to exclusively pumping with formula (do I even make enough for this?) or migrate to just formula?

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    Hi Erica,

    When I was in the hospital, I was given the paper timetable to keep track of my newborn son’s feeding (2-3hr feeding). Then his average feeding sessions were about 30 mins (15 min on each breast). When we got home, we decided to use the app to keep track due to his underweight. Now my son is almost 6 weeks, I’ve been noticing that his feeding session average around 10-15 mins total, should I be worried? I’m told that once the baby is gaining weight, I don’t need to keep track of feeding sessions. But feeding session timing are good for my breast (emptying breast/ maintaining supply). Some day he eats less and other days, he eats more. Will my body have enough milk when his feeding fluctuate like that? I already see my left breast milk supply is a little less (he prefers right breast). Thank you.

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