Disconnects every night!

Is anyone else’s camera turning off in the middle of the night every night? We’re going on a week of this! We go to check on babe only to find out it can’t connect and it wants us to troubleshoot. We don’t want to go in and wake him up to restart the camera. Every time we’ve unplugged and replugged it in and it’s turned back on. It’s been working great for 6 months, but just started this. Photo of what we see when we open the app.


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Efhemleben I've gone ahead and escalated this over to our support team. They will reach out to you personally to take a closer look at what could be causing this so we can find a resolution for you!

  • How about for everyone else also having this issue, it sounds like it’s not an isolated issue? I’ve been using the camera for around 5 months now and can say I can count the number of days (less than 10) where we’ve not had any issues with the device. Based on the number of customers x £400 (estimated average sales price) should = better product & support. If I was given the option for a refund I’d take it without question. Creating a community is a brilliant business idea but only when you have a solid product, otherwise you just give people the opportunity to raise concerns and realise the extent of the (systemic) issues.

  • This has been happening to us the last few days as well!! It’s so frustrating because like you mentioned, we can’t go in the room and turn it off while our baby is sleeping. Also have been using for 6 months with no problems, so I’m not sure why it’s acting up now

  • Jess03
    Jess03 Member

    We are having the exact same issue! We have also been using ours for about 7 months. Is there a solution?

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @daleajones @Kymbowlee2 @Jess03 I apologize that you have been having connectivity issues with your camera. When experiencing issues like this, sometimes the solution can be unique to each camera based on your camera's specific connection.

    We always recommend giving our troubleshooting steps a try (which are linked here). If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, it is best to get 1:1 support from our team so we can take a closer look at your specific setup and find a resolution so this does not keep happening. I've gone ahead and escalated your specific cases over to our team and you should be hearing from them soon.

    If there is a solution or troubleshooting steps that would be beneficial to share here in the community, we will be sure to update the thread!

  • Hello there! This exact same thing happens with us as well. No matter the location and separate wifi or wether we use the multi stand or the “normal” stand. For us unfortunately it happens since Day one and going on for 5 months..

    we follow the troubleshooting steps and it always gets back to work, BUT next day is the same thing.

    Any idea on how to constantly fix this issue? Gives me anxiety knowing that the breathing alerts stop functioning in the middle of the night without any alert…