Connectivity issue with no change in WiFi setting


wondering whether someone had a similar issue they found a solution for..

no change in WiFi setting but all the sudden I’m having connectivity issue. It says it’s trying to reconnect but even after following all the steps from the troubleshooting page.. nothing is working. Kind of making me mad.. that the baby got woken up because im trying to fix this..

not sure whether I can really use this if this keeps happening..


  • currently having this same issue. Wifi is working but the camera won’t connect 😒 I wonder if it’s an issue with the program

  • Momit
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    Same. My Nanit just stopped working because of a “connectivity issue.” I am not having WiFi issues at my home, but I can’t get it to repair. Seems to be a Nanit issue, and I can’t figure it out. (It’s almost like a battery is dying…light is faint.) Wish there was nighttime support.

  • Mine randomly disconnected the other day. Seems like a lot of others are having the same thing happen.

  • Turuc
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    I’m having the exact same problem… the last three nights in a row. Extremely frustrating having to wake my baby up every night at 1am to reset the router… to have it fail again just a few hours later.

  • Me too. Off and on all night, flashing light waking up the baby constantly. Someone from Nanit please comment with a solution. This is ridiculous.

  • Kenz
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    We’ve had connectivity problems for months. It’s not the wifi. My daughter is currently sick and I can’t see her bec it says “trying to connect”. I am starting to wonder if this was even worth the cost. It doesn’t work half the time and they ask to pay for an upgrade to view insights? Hmmmm something isn’t right here. A resolution is needed ASAP.

  • Having the same issue. It connects again after I unplug and plug it back in, but moving the crib after baby is asleep to get to the plug is not ideal. Has been happening over the past 3 or 4 days and is extremely frustrating.

  • Yes, this has been happening for the past month. It is becoming increasingly frustrating.

  • Having the same issues the past 3 nights. No WiFi issues at all very strong and camera just disconnects after a few hours

  • Same thing happening over here. My little girl is sick and I’m sleeping on the floor because I can’t see her. Nanit - what can be done to resolve this?

  • Henson
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    Hello fellow parents.

    I have had my camera for 2 years now, and for the WHOLE duration of it, i have had this exact problem. Some weeks better than others. I have 1gb internet, i have over $2000 in network equipment... i can assure you that i do not have any wifi or network issues.

    I have my camera on its own SSID... 2.4ghz only band. I have had it on 5ghz, with all my other wifi devices... everything under the sun. This is Nanit camera at its finest. I wish i could give you a better answer and a solution, but i have yet to find one.

  • This is ridiculous! I called and the guy who was in customer support treated me like an idiot who who has no knowledge of technology or following simple steps to troubleshoot. My twins are 8 days old and I obviously wanted to use the Pro camera and all it’s features….spending this much money on this and only to see that I’m NOT the only one with the same connectivity issue regardless of following all the steps given by customer support!

    Brand new camera right out of the box has been useless.

    any tips on how to correct the connection issue!?

  • It is so frustrating to see these posts. My video on my camera will work when the app first starts and then 95% of the time when I go to check it i just get a loading circle or frozen image from the last time I opened the app and I have to restart the program to get it to fix (and that only fixes the problem sometime). I was hoping it was just me being not super tech savvy and that there might be an easy fix I wasn't seeing but looks like I might just be out of luck and wasted a bunch of money on an expensive monitor that is much better in theory than in practice. Really bummed.

  • We are having the same problem. It’s always unavailable and offline. We reset the camera and WiFi router and an hour later it stops working. We also have gigabit internet with 2k in network equipment and a pod outside the room. It’s a nanit problem not a network problem. We are having our second and I am throwing this one away and buying two of the competitor.

  • I had a similar issue setting up. I fixed mine by plugging the Nanit directly into the wall instead of a power strip and updating the cameras firmware.

  • I have the same issue. The camera went offline last night and still won’t connect. I have done all of the troubleshooting that they suggested and nothing works. I have no issues with my home network and there were no changes to my network when this happened. I have spent hours rebooting, moving, resetting and nothing works. Can someone from Nanit please reach out to get this fixed?? I can’t be without a monitor and I tried calling and the office is closed!

  • I am on the same boat with everyone. I have a super stable wifi setup with Unifi, around literally 80 devices and Nanit is the only one that I have the same issue. Every single time I open the app it won't load the feed and I need to close and reopen a few times until it works.

    I have an isolated 2.4 and 5 Ghz network, tried both, no difference. One of my APs is literally 8 feet away from Nanit, still the same issue. Opened cases with support and had the same "your wifi ****" response. This is indeed very frustrating. I have 10 usd devices that are way farther from my APs and they have no issues.

  • Same issue. So upset that i have this overpriced camera that doesn't work. Interupting sleep training. Thanks nanit.

  • im having the same issue! It’s extremely frustrating .

  • Has anybody been offered a refund? Feel like it’s now approaching that stage for me.