WiFi button stuck and traveling

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It looks like I’m in the club with dozens of you… traveling, WiFi button won’t click or is stuck, out of warranty, less than 2 years. I see the questions and complaints but no answers. I see Nanit keeps saying they have started tickets for folks but no one has posted resolution. I called and of course the same spill… out of warranty, weekend, can’t help- not their problem.

if anyone has any tricks to this please pass along as we are traveling too! I even tested it before I left!

Next question- Nanit told us to buy a new camera. But why would I do that when it doesn’t last even 2 years? Does anyone have another camera recommendation? I hesitate to spend more money on Nanit when I see this isn’t an N of 1 issue - tons have written in on this! Why would I buy another just to have it break?

Any suggestions on how to fix it what to buy? We can’t go an entire week without something- we are on vacation out of the country!



  • NanitJessica
    NanitJessica Community Moderator, Nanit Team

    Hi @LeBlanc521,

    Thanks for posting your concern on the community. From looking at our system, it looks like you've already contacted our support team about your concern. I've escalated your ticket for you for them to look into your ticket further. You should hear back via email after they finish reviewing your ticket. We appreciate your patience and understanding!