WiFi button stuck and traveling

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It looks like I’m in the club with dozens of you… traveling, WiFi button won’t click or is stuck, out of warranty, less than 2 years. I see the questions and complaints but no answers. I see Nanit keeps saying they have started tickets for folks but no one has posted resolution. I called and of course the same spill… out of warranty, weekend, can’t help- not their problem.

if anyone has any tricks to this please pass along as we are traveling too! I even tested it before I left!

Next question- Nanit told us to buy a new camera. But why would I do that when it doesn’t last even 2 years? Does anyone have another camera recommendation? I hesitate to spend more money on Nanit when I see this isn’t an N of 1 issue - tons have written in on this! Why would I buy another just to have it break?


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