I’m sorry for the caps, but last night my app stopped working and my 4 month old was apparently crying for 3 hours straight and we had no idea. Our app disconnects often even though the internet is working fine, but usually we are awake and actively watching when we notice. This time we were sleeping and had the background noise on to listen for him. I didn’t know he had been up screaming for hours until I woke up and checked the app only to see it not working. There were notifications once the app started working again for 3 hours continuously for him crying, but no sound ever came out of our devices and the notification wasn’t on our phones. I’m upset that we have spent so much money to use this product and now I have to resort to buying a sound only monitor to make sure this doesn’t happen again. My son was obviously in distress but it could have been worse. He could’ve been in a life threatening situation and crying to alert us and we would never have know. That sounds a bit extreme but he isn’t good at turning his head when he gets to his stomach so he could potentially suffocate. I beg you to PLEASE fix the connection issues before something like this happens so someone else.