Camera keeps losing connection after app update

Our nanit suddenly has stopped pairing with our network. Seems like it happened with the most recent app update (07/21) and is a common problem across the forums, Reddit, Twitter. Our wifi is fine and isn’t the issue since the camera has worked fine for 2 straight months and all other connected devices are fine. I can re-pair for a few seconds to get a choppy video feed.

Wondering if the support team knows how much of a pain it is to have the wifi pairing nightlife blinking in your infants face at 2am to re-pair a $300 device due to shoddy software. Time to switch to the Miku since Nanit support seems to be passing the buck to ISPs.


  • MLA
    MLA Member

    I’m having the same issue. Camera keeps disconnecting in the middle of the night. Always when we need it. Similarly, we just upgraded our WiFi and are not having issues with any other devices in the house. Getting really frustrated