Connectivity Issues

For the past 3 days I have been having connectivity issues! I troubleshoot it and it works for a lil while then stops! When is the new update so I can update it again. Is there a bug in this last update?


  • Derek
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  • I was told that the issue is my Wifi. Not the nanit itself. Too many items connected to wifi in our house.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @J_brandice1 I'm sorry you are still experiencing connectivity issues after following the troubleshooting steps - I understand how frustrating that can be! I have submitted a ticket over to our support team on your behalf so they are able to assist you 1:1.

  • TaylorN
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    I’ve had the same exact issue! It’s just been the past few days. My wifi works with everything else so I think it must be an issue with the Nanit. Someone please help!

  • Leanne
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    I’ve been having an issue for the past few days also. I’ve had to unplug the camera from the stand. I already had an issue whereby it was my internet and for that reason I changed internet providers and everything has been working great for months now. But now all of a sudden it stops working. I am not sure what’s happening. Nothing else seems to be an issue in our internet connection. And I mainly use the Nanit when we all go to bed so not alot of activity or interference for what’s connected to the wi-fi

  • @Melanie also having a connectivity issue and wifi is fine. The camera won’t load on my phone at all.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Shannon_Mc816 I went ahead and submitted a ticket on your behalf! We will be in touch with you to take a closer look at your camera a bit closer. Thank you.

  • I literally set my camera up today and it already has stopped working. I went thru all the troubleshooting steps and nothing. Help please

  • I’ve had the same issue with connectivity. Must be a nanit issue. So frustrating!!!

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @MamaD4Lyf I'm sorry you have been experiencing connectivity issues with your Nanit - to best assist you, I will escalate this to our support team so they are able to take a look at your camera a bit closer and provide you with the best course of action.

  • nicholav
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    @Melanie I am having same issue. I keep having to turn it in and off at the plug and it starts working again (which then causes it to flash and turn the white noise off, waking the baby up 🤦🏻‍♀️) my internet has no issues generally and will happen overnight even when no devices being used. It’s been off for over an hour tonight at 1am. Could you please advise if a fix is needed for this? It’s going off all the time and having to switch it on an off again all day and through the night is really frustrating.

  • I have recently noticed a spike as well lately. My wife mainly brought it to my attention. At first I thought it was just something she was doing or her phone only. Tonight it is so bad I am searching these forums at 2am. I have tried resetting everything, which works for a little while. I have strong signal. Internet is 150mbps which should be plenty. Both 2.4 and 5ghz have same effects. Something is definitely up on their end. $300+ paperweight. Sad to say I’m using a sub $100 vetch for now to replace this piece of junk which i may just stick with as it runs smooth with a good picture.

  • I tried the reset myself after reading the post by “dogsarefrogs”. Still had same issues. The only thing that solved it for me was to force 5ghz and pair it to my 5ghz network. Yes my signal strength is weak to the camera, but so far no issues. Will post back if I notice issues creeping up. My guess is either something with the 2.4 ghz chip in the nanit, or something in the firmware consumes more data/bandwidth since the last update. Since 5ghz is way faster perhaps the extra data goes in noticed? I was also thinking maybe I have too much on my 2.4ghz channel, but nothing has been added in months. Best of luck to all you out there.

  • I have been having the same issue the pat 2 nights. I reconnected this morning and it literally just stopped working. #help

  • I am having the same issue. I have had the Nanit for over 6months with no connectivity issues, then over the last 6-7days I am constantly losing connection. I reset my router or the Nanit and it comes back up. It says medium signal strength and then within minutes it loses connection again. I have no issues with any device on our network and have not added anything new to my network. Does anyone know if something did change recently?

  • Vision09
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    Same here. Bandwidth is sufficient in the room to stream multiple devices. Even after turning all other devices off, we still have the loss-of-connectivity issue.

  • Thom5555
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    Same Issues here. Only thing that seems to fix the issue is to disconnect the camera from base and reconnect. It works for a bit but will always lose connection after some time. This is a terrible workaround to risk waking the baby to reconnect the camera multiple times. No issues with WiFi.

  • Nwillett
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    @Melanie I have been having the same problems. My wifi is fine and Nothing has changed in terms of the number of things connected to my wifi. Nannit used to work just fine but lately it is so unreliable! I have tried the troubleshooting steps multiple times and it’s still not working

  • DanaP21
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    Since the middle of July, when Nanit had an update, my camera stopped working. Prior to that, after the update before that one, we started having connections issues and glitches, where you’d hear sound but the camera was frozen and you weren’t getting notifications with sound or motion detected. Our internet is fine, we haven’t added anything extra to it, the tower is right by the room. Tried the directions on resetting and still nothing. Would like this resolved.

  • Elizana
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    My camera stopped working. I went thru all the troubleshooting steps and nothing. Help please

  • Oliver
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    I justSet up my camera last night and it worked for a little while and lost connectivity. There’s nothing wrong with the Wi-Fi and I went through all the troubleshooting.

  • Salah
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    I keep losing connectivity as well and i have to pair it all over again to work. Please help!

  • I’m having the exact same problem!!! And I would have to travel soon, and it’s very very annoying not to be able to use my Nanit for our trip because it was one of the reasons we bought it. We would like someone from Nanit support contact us ASAP to help us find a solution!

  • TaylorN
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    I’ve been having all the same issues since the last update. So frustrating! Nanit - can we get some help here???

  • More then a week now with the troubleshooting problems! I m sorry Nanit but i m gonna write a really bad review!!

  • Yep same issue here. Been going around in circles with the Nanit support team. We found 5GHz network works best and reducing the bandwidth to the lowest setting. We also bought the floor stand and multi stand to track naps. FYI insights only work on with the floor stand. Taking the camera from one location to another requires a repair and even when kept in-situ for longer periods of time it restarts and requires repairing. As many have mentioned each time this happens the white noise is cut and the nightlight flashes causing baby to wake. When this camera works it’s great, but it’s not reliable enough to make it worth the effort. We have a Vava as a backup which is bullet proof. Doesn’t have a lot of the connected features that the nanit does but what’s the point in all the extras if the basics don’t work? Wish I’d known about these issues before my purchase as could have saved £££‘s and lots of stress from a new mum asking why the camera isn’t working again for the 5th time today. Anyone had any joy with the support staff? We got told our stand was faulty, sent a new one but still having the same problem. We kept providing the support team with details upon details but felt like they have a troubleshooting guide designed to make you lose interest before they have to action anything helpful. Interested to hear other people’s thoughts/experiences too.

  • OlyaK
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    Same. Started today where it just keeps trying to connect then I troubleshoot, it works a couple minutes and goes off again. And it’s not the internet, I have another Nanit camera that works perfectly fine. This is so annoying!!!

  • I’ve been having the same issue for over a week. Every time I reconfigure everything and repair it and it keeps saying connection problem. It’s not my WiFi and the fact that so many others are having the same issue shows it’s a product problem. How can this get resolved quickly so the expensive product I purchased to keep an eye on my child when I step out of her room actually works?