Connectivity Issues

For the past 3 days I have been having connectivity issues! I troubleshoot it and it works for a lil while then stops! When is the new update so I can update it again. Is there a bug in this last update?


  • Derek
    Derek Member


  • I was told that the issue is my Wifi. Not the nanit itself. Too many items connected to wifi in our house.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @J_brandice1 I'm sorry you are still experiencing connectivity issues after following the troubleshooting steps - I understand how frustrating that can be! I have submitted a ticket over to our support team on your behalf so they are able to assist you 1:1.

  • TaylorN
    TaylorN Member

    I’ve had the same exact issue! It’s just been the past few days. My wifi works with everything else so I think it must be an issue with the Nanit. Someone please help!

  • Leanne
    Leanne Member

    I’ve been having an issue for the past few days also. I’ve had to unplug the camera from the stand. I already had an issue whereby it was my internet and for that reason I changed internet providers and everything has been working great for months now. But now all of a sudden it stops working. I am not sure what’s happening. Nothing else seems to be an issue in our internet connection. And I mainly use the Nanit when we all go to bed so not alot of activity or interference for what’s connected to the wi-fi

  • @Melanie also having a connectivity issue and wifi is fine. The camera won’t load on my phone at all.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Shannon_Mc816 I went ahead and submitted a ticket on your behalf! We will be in touch with you to take a closer look at your camera a bit closer. Thank you.

  • I literally set my camera up today and it already has stopped working. I went thru all the troubleshooting steps and nothing. Help please

  • I’ve had the same issue with connectivity. Must be a nanit issue. So frustrating!!!

  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @MamaD4Lyf I'm sorry you have been experiencing connectivity issues with your Nanit - to best assist you, I will escalate this to our support team so they are able to take a look at your camera a bit closer and provide you with the best course of action.

  • nicholav
    nicholav Member

    @Melanie I am having same issue. I keep having to turn it in and off at the plug and it starts working again (which then causes it to flash and turn the white noise off, waking the baby up 🤦🏻‍♀️) my internet has no issues generally and will happen overnight even when no devices being used. It’s been off for over an hour tonight at 1am. Could you please advise if a fix is needed for this? It’s going off all the time and having to switch it on an off again all day and through the night is really frustrating.

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